Review: Dead in the Family

Most Charlaine Harris fans will agree that the only thing better than a big ole’ glass of real Southern sweet tea is a new Sookie Stackhouse novel.  Everyone has been patiently waiting and the wait is now over. Dead in the Family, the tenth in the saga has finally arrived and it does not disappoint its loyal fans or new readers. Action, eternal love, blood…it is Sookie to the core.

When we last left Sookie Stackhouse, she was wounded from the Fae War in which she had lost so many of her dear friends and even some relatives.  She has survived the torture physically inflicted upon her by two sadistic fairies that opposed her grandfather, the Prince but will she ever get over the mental realities of what the war has done. The Fairy World has been shut off from the mortal one and Sookie has once been sealed off from a member of her family whom she had just begun to know and love.  Another grandparent to mourn while struggling to get through each day where you wait tables at bar owned by a Shapeshifter and share your bed with one of the most powerful vampires ever made.  All while knowing what every single human being around you thinks.  It’s hard a life but it had its perks.

However of course new issues arise in other quarters as Sookie tries to recover. Not all the fairies have returned to their world and two in particular seem to be tracking her while the Weres continue to need her help in their struggle to survive coming out to society.  Toss in a dead body in the back woods, new vampire political intrigue and the questions of Bill Compton’s recovery from silver poisoning and you have yourself quite a read.  But let’s not forget Eric, beautiful, immortal, blood bound Eric.  Plus the addition of another very well known historical figure that just happens to have been turned into an immortal much like our beloved Bubba.

Charlaine Harris is a puppeteer that has created characters that jump off the page despite their supernatural being.  In Dead in the Family she continues to excite and collect readers through her imaginative orchestration of Sookie’s life.  Her creativity and ability to surprise continue in this latest volume.  Reader’s will simply suck it up until it’s dry and wait for more. Enjoy…it will be nothing but True Blood for quite awhile after this one.

1.) Dead Until Dark

2.) Living Dead in Dallas

3.) Club Dead

4.) Dead to the World

5.) Dead as a Doornail

6.) Definitely Dead

7.) All Together Dead

8.) From Dead to Worse

9.) Dead and Gone

10.) Dead in the Family

11.) A Touch of Dead (Sookie Stackhouse Short Story Collection)

And thus I believe this completes my Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge. Thanks Charlaine Harris for hours of enjoyable reading! I was Sucked in by Sookie long ago….now everyone seems to be. And don’t forget True Blood Season 3 begins on HBO on June 13th!


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5 responses to “Review: Dead in the Family

  1. Okay, I’m not going to read too many of the details, but I can’t wait! I just got my copy yesterday and I’m dying to read it! I just love this series so so much! Glad to find yet another kindred spirit! ;o)

  2. stilettostorytime

    I tried not give any spoilers so you should be okay! Enjoy!!!!

  3. stilettostorytime

    That’s why everyone gets to have their own opinion. Although I do think there is background for Eric’s character in this book, he has shown he does have weaknesses….Sookie being one of them, a mere human. I don’t fault Harris for each book not being cookie cutter…in fact I applaud her. It has to be hard especially when you are fighting against a top TV show and their ideas and plans for your characters.

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