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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Wife 22 by Melanie Gideon

    “For fans of Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones’s Diary and Allison Pearson’s I Don’t Know How She Does It comes an irresistible novel of a woman losing herself . . . and finding herself again . . . in the middle of her life.

 When Alice Buckle, who has been married to William for nearly twenty years, receives a survey in her e-mail from the Netherfield Center for the Study of Marital Happiness, she is in the doldrums. She loves her husband but they’ve grown distant, she is bored with her job, and her adolescent children need her less now. And she has reached the age at which her mother died. So as she idly begins answering the questions, she finds herself baring her soul in an anonymous survey she never even intended to respond to. As she struggles, she realizes it has been years since anyone asked deep, serious questions of her, and really listened to her answers. Soon her entire life as she knows it is called into question.”

Stiletto Storytime is excited to be a part of the book blog tour for Wife 22 by Melanie GideonWife 22 is a great read for those who like to curl up with a good book that’s not afraid to ask those tough life questions or push the boundaries of what can sometimes be considered “safe” contemporary women’s fiction. While it delves into some serious life issues I still think it would an ideal book for the beach or pool-side. It’s definitely a book I found I could relate to even though I may not be at that age or moment in life that Alice Buckle finds herself.

The very book itself is centered around the main character of a middle aged woman who finds herself deeply questioning her place in life, the choices she has made as time has gone by and the current state of her own happiness. It’s about that point in life that I think a lot of people reach when one might look around and suddenly wonder how you got to where you are. For women in particular I think it can be what happens when you’ve poured every bit your very being into everyday life (marriage, children, career…etc) and then suddenly you look around one day and wonder where “you” went. More specifically for this character it centers around the declining state of her marriage and to some degree the changing relationships with her children as they have grown. Those moments in life can come about in lots of ways but for Alice Buckle it all seems to begin when she proceeds to answer questions put forth by an online anonymous marriage survey.

The survey is really a driving force for this novel. One of my personal favorite aspects of the book is the unique format in which it is written. Alice Buckle finds herself answering questions in this survey and the reader is given the answers to the questions as the book proceeds. Each chapter brings new answers and topics to light. However readers are not the given actual questions themselves until the end. I myself didn’t even realize the survey questions were in the book at all until I finished and discovered them listed in the very back of the book. I’m glad I didn’t look ahead and see them or even know I had the possibility to cheat. Reading the answers and not knowing the questions makes the reader really have to look into each answer and truly think about what Alice is saying and why. It gives a unique twist to the book and made the writing more interesting in my opinion. For me it piqued my interest in a unique way that just would not have been the same if I knew the questions as I was reading.

As a special part of this tour I am going answer one of the questions from the book and also allow you a sneak peek at the author Melanie’s answer as well. Our survey question for this stop on the tour is:

What did you imagine falling in love would be like when you were young?

Melanie’s answer:
Oh my goodness, I was such a dewy-eyed romantic. Romeo and Juliet kind of love. Obsessive love. Not the kind of love that makes for a good marriage. I’m glad I got over that phase.

My Answer:

I was much like Melanie. I was very naive in a lot of ways but I truly believed in that all-consuming, meant for each other love that was so real it could be your everything. Love to me was the most important thing in the world and so I often let that person be my everything.  I’ve been lucky to have had that kind of love in my life and while I treasure it and remember it fondly in many ways….Melanie is right, as you get older you find there are lots of kinds of love and some work better for marriage and the happily ever after than others.

And now back to my review. While I really enjoyed the book there were some facets of the novel that I found a little far fetched including the relationship that Alice embarks upon as she questions her marriage. I don’t want to spoil anything but readers will no doubt understand what relationship I mean shortly after beginning the novel. I also wish Alice’s relationships with her children and the death of her mother were further explored. They kind of lie on the surface of the book- making an impact but never really being brought to light fully.

In the end all in all I found it to be an enjoyable and thought provoking read although some of it’s elements don’t go that deep and could be better developed. To me it was a good book but it had the ingredients to be better if that makes sense. Sometimes you just want more but I think that can be a compliment to the book in and of itself. If it wasn’t well written and you didn’t care about the characters then you wouldn’t want more.

But don’t take my word for it….Want a sneak peek at Wife 22? You can read an excerpt here and make sure to check out the next stop on the blog tour on June 7th at Book Journey. You can also check out debut author Melanie Gideon on her website, Twitter and Facebook.

   Book Giveaway

 I am extremely excited to be able to give two lucky readers here at Stiletto Storytime their very own copies of Wife 22 to enjoy this summer. Giveaway will end midnight EST June 12, 2012 and is available to a US addresses only. The lucky winners will be chosen by random number generator and contacted by e-mail. Good Luck to all and Happy Reading!

To enter just comment below and share one of your favorite summer reads. It can be a new book from this year’s summer reading pile or that old stand-by that you read every summer when vacation time rolls around. I’m looking for those must read books to add to my summer list so let me know the one you can’t live without and you might win a new book to add to your collection.

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Book Blog Tour for 2108: Eyes Open

“It’s the year 2108. I just turned 16. That means I can access the autopilot on my Aerokopa. So now, I can both fly and surf the Holoworld at the same time. But what good is that when I don’t even have a date to my best friend’s party of the century? Okay, well, one of the Holdouts offered to go with me…but there’s NO WAY I’m going with one of them! And then there are the Trollers docked at the wharf. They’re most likely spies working with the Aliens, bringing nothing but trouble. But with this visit, they may even bring war. It would be treason to talk to them, let alone…befriend one. But what’s a curious girl to do? Did I tell you I have a propensity for trouble?”

      Jewel Peara has just come of age…she’s finally beginning to earn those things in life that separate the child from the adult. You know…the simple things we all look forward to in the future like having her vehicle be able to be programmed to auto-pilot and gaining even more freedom to come and go as her father’s trust grows.  She’s not unlike many young teens except for the fact that she lives in the year 2108 in world that has been taken over by in-human life forms. In fact her native land of New Zealand seems to be the only country left of “naturals” as they call humans who have chosen not to be physically altered by genetic or scientific means.

Like most teens Jewel’s main concerns center around things like who she will take to her best friend’s cosmic birthday party? The perfect date seems elusive…in fact any date seems elusive truth be told. How humiliating can it get? But then she meets Forge and everything changes. She’s never met a Bionic and she never expected one to be like this. As they spend time together their relationship seems to grow and even though she knows his type is dangerous, she just can’t seem to stay away. Will her trust backfire or has she truly met the being of her wildest dreams?

In K.L. Glanville’s first book of a unique series, we are introduced to a world far into the future full of beings, inventions and creations that are out of this world and yet there are moments when Jewel and her world seem so very familiar.  With strong characters and a well though out plot, 2108: Eyes Open is a read that will pull you in and leave you wanting more. I won’t lie this book was a little out of my comfort zone…not something I might normally pick up since I tend to shy away from science fiction or fantasy of a certain type. However something pulled me in about this book and I am glad it did. I truly enjoyed the ride and really become involved in the relationship between Forge and Jewel. Enough so that I personally will be eagerly awaiting the next volume to find out what happens next in this taboo love story from the future. Sometimes I guess it pays to take a chance with your reading choices, you never know what might happen.

But don’t just take my word for it. You can follow the 2108: Eyes Open Book Blog Tour here for reviews, author guest post and chances to win your own copy of the novel.

 Book Giveaway

As part of the celebration of 2108: Eyes Open Book Blog Tour, Stiletto Storytime is happy to be able to choose one lucky winner to receive their very own copy for their distinct reading pleasure. This giveaway will end midnight EST April 25, 2012. US/Canada addresses only please. Winner will be contacted by e-mail.

To enter just comment below and share a book that you’ve enjoyed that may have been outside your reading comfort zone like this one was for me. Have you ever dared to walk on the wild side of literature?

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Blog Tour: The Legacy of Eden by Nelle Davy

    It’s funny, but I realize now how little we really used to interact with people outside Aurelia, outside the family even. We talked, we played, we even made friends with them but nothing concrete, nothing lasting. They were not one of us and we were not one of them. They were in black and white; we were color.

There was a time when to be a Hathaway on Aurelia was to be part of a family that owned one of the most beautiful and prosperous farms in all of Iowa. Lavinia Hathaway dreamt of a farm that would rival all, a dream that eventually tore her family and many others apart. Now at a time in the future when very little of the legacy remains, one family member will return to try and pick up the pieces of a family and time lost in the past.

To begin to read The Legacy of Eden is to become sucked into a story of multi-generational pain and loss. Of hopes, ambitions and dramatic downfalls. It’s a saga of gothic proportions with a curse that seems to hang over both family and land. Author Nelle Davy’s talent of drawing in readers from the very first page is undeniable. It is a book that one might pick up only to find oneself hours later still reading away, engrossed in the stories of the Hathaway family much as Lavinia Hathaway was obsessed with her vision of Aurelia and all it’s glory. Readers who enjoy family sagas and a little bit of gothic with their contemporary works will be the most pleased by this novel. It’s a talented debut of dynamic proportions that I would recommend to most readers who are intrigued by it’s description. But you don’t have to take my word for it…here are many other well known blogs who are all chiming in and revealing pieces of The Legacy of Eden.


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Kiersten White’s Supernaturally Blog Tour

  Siletto Storytime is pleased to be a stop on Kiersten White’s Supernaturally Blog Tour. Each stop on the tour includes a fabulous guest post from author Kiersten White herself. Each post details a different creature encountered in the series. Stiletto Storytime was lucky enough to get the troll…definitely a creature that plays a critical role in the latest book.  So read below for a completer dossier and artist rendering of the troll. Also make sure to check out the next stop on the Supernaturally tour at Pure Imagination on September 19th.

IPCA Employee Handbook Section 3.1.6

Level Three
Known Entity (Human Mimicry), Ancient Origin, Parallel Evolution, Predatory
Immortality: Undetermined, extremely long lives but aging apparent
Breeding: Theoretical cross-breeding dangers, no confirmed instances

Appearance: Northern European in appearance, blonde hair with one notably snarled patch. Typically stocky in build, close-set eyes, blocky features, tails (nearly always hidden). All ages, though their young are rarely seen.
Myths: Anecdotal tales about trolls are neither substantiated nor refuted. Trolls are neither giant nor grotesquely misshapen. Fear of lightning unconfirmed.
Facts: Trolls often live underground in vast social networks. They have been known to steal everything from livestock to entire villages, keeping humans as servants and taking over their homes. They are stronger than the average person, and some reports theorize that trolls can turn invisible at will, though this could be a reflection of their skill at blending and hiding, whether underground or in plain sight.
Dangers: Strength, possible invisibility, theft, violence, numbers (unlike most paranormals, trolls always live in large networks of family units). Trolls should only be confronted when location is confirmed and surrounded. Iron sensitivity, though not pronounced, is present. Tranquilizers and Tasers are effective (please see: Appendices: Weapons, Uses of, sections 4.2-.7).

Information contributed by Evelyn age 15 (please see Appendices Catalog, Section 7, for details on glamour-piercing abilities), transcribed from the original audio: Trolls? Bleep, I dunno. It’s been forever since we found that village. I remember them being extra tall, broad shoulders, kinda thick builds. Super strong—I wouldn’t want to face one alone. Under their glamours they’re not much different. Though some of them did seem to be shimmering strangely as they ran away. Also they could use a serious hair-care regime. It’s sad seeing so many natural blondes letting their hair rat up like that.

Artist rendering of Evelyn’s description:

Think you might want to learn more about how the trolls fit into the paranormal world created by Kiersten White in her hit series? Check out my reviews of  Supernaturally  and Paranormalcy to learn more about the books. You can also visit Kiersten at her website and learn more about her upcoming physical tour.

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Blog Tour: Cinder and Ella by Melissa Lemon

“After their father’s disappearance, Cinder leaves home for a servant job at the castle. But it isn’t long before her sister Ella is brought to the castle herself—the most dangerous place in the entire kingdom for both her and Cinder. Cinder and Ella is a Cinderella story like no other and one you’ll never forget.”

Have you ever noticed in the reading of old fairy tales there is a certain cadence and rhythm to the words that seem to take you away to another time and place. It’s hard to recreate and yet somehow Melissa Lemon has done it with Cinder and Ella.

Imaginative and creative this spin on the original tale will leave you appreciating what can be done to a cherished classic by a talented author. This will be like no other Cinderella tale you have ever heard. Don’t look for the fairy God Mother to pop up with a magical carriage but do expect a certain level of magic. Perhaps one even deeper and more meaningful than those you may have been told of in the past….perhaps even as deep as the roots of the oldest trees.

Oh and did I mention Cinderella is actually two different people? A plethora of changes backed by solid and talented writing has brought forth a new twist on an old classic for a new generation. A spin definitely worth taking a look at again.

Cinder and Ella will be released on November 8, 2011 from Cedar Fort.

In the meantime check out the author Melissa Lemon on Twitter.


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Blog Tour: The Art of Forgetting by Camille Noe Pagan

  “Marissa Rogers never wanted to be an alpha; beta suited her just fine. Taking charge without taking credit had always paid off: vaulting her to senior editor at a glossy magazine; keeping the peace with her critical, weight-obsessed mother; and enjoying the benefits of being best friends with gorgeous, charismatic, absolutely alpha Julia Ferrar.

And then Julia gets hit by a cab. She survives with minor obvious injuries, but brain damage steals her memory and alters her personality, possibly forever. Suddenly, Marissa is thrown into the role of alpha friend. As Julia struggles to regain her memory- dredging up issues Marissa would rather forget, including the fact that Julia asked her to abandon the love of her life ten years ago- Marissa’s own equilibrium is shaken.

With the help of a dozen girls, she reluctantly agrees to coach in an after-school running program. There, Marissa uncovers her inner confidence and finds the courage to reexamine her past and take control of her future.

The Art of Forgetting is a story about the power of friendship, the memories and myths that hold us back, and the delicate balance between forgiving and forgetting.”

Marissa and Julia have been best friends since their high school years and are now tackling NYC on their quest to take over the world. However Marissa seemed to always take a backseat to the glamourous “tiny dancer” Julia. Marissa struggling with insecurities always seems to end up being the “nice one” while Julia charges ahead in life; glamourous, confident and often a bit selfish. But what happens when one of them is changed forever in a horrific accident? Will their friendship survive or will it too change completely in every way? Readers are kept constantly guessing….

What truly happens when your best friend is no longer your best friend? What  if the girl you’ve loved and known most your life is suddenly changed into a completely different person with little memory of your past lives together? She can’t remember the laughs you shared, the trouble you caused or even the promises that you made. A promise so deep it may have cost one of you the love of your life. In this novel where one breathtaking moment changes all emerges the story of a questionable friendship and the knowledge of just how deep love can run.

I really enjoyed reading and thinking about this book. Most of all I think was the ambiguity of the characters and circumstances. Often one was torn over whose side to take and who to root for. A somewhat un-relatable character whose life is changed forever by a tragic accident is hard to despise at times but a character who has sacrificed again and again is also hard to deny. This back and forth made the novel more intriguing to me and offered depth I was not expecting. Toss in a love triangle written so well with characterization of great skill and talent and you have a novel meant to be read slowly and enjoyed deeply. Did I mention the cover of this book is absolutely stunning?


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