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Feature & Giveaway: Ghost Town by Jason Hawes & Grant Wilson

  “WELCOME TO EXETER, THE “MOST HAUNTED TOWN IN AMERICA,” thanks to a deadly flood that unleashed an army of ghosts decades ago. And when ghost trackers Amber, Drew, and Trevor attend a conference during Exeter’s spookiest week of the year, the ghouls grow restless. First, an innocent bookstore worker is mysteriously killed, setting off a string of strange deaths that point to a shadowy spirit known as the Dark Lady.

With a paranormal revolution ensuing, the team must stop the twisted bloodbath. But a past horror involving the death of a former teammate has them spinning faster than a specter in a storm, especially when they learn that it’s his ghost who awakened the Dark Lady. Now, with their lives on the line and the entire town at stake, the three must decide whether to trust the spirit of their old friend or to finally put a stake through his heart.”

Just in time for some great Halloween related reading comes the release of Ghost Town, the second book from Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson who head up TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society—built on Jason and Grant’s interest in getting to the bottom of everyday, paranormal occurrences.  TAPS has developed an impressive reputation for helping people with “unusual domestic problems.”  It has been more than a decade since Jason and Grant first met, and since then TAPS has grown in size and scope to become one of the most respected paranormal-investigation groups in America.  It now has branches across the United States and affiliates in 12 other countries. You may know them best from their hit TV show on SyFy Ghost Hunters.

As many of you know I am always on the look out for books that can strike a little fear especially during the festive Halloween season. However in the past the list of books that have been able to actually scare me to any degree have been few and far between. When approached to be a part of the Ghost Town promotion I was very much excited, not only to have a new book to give a try for that special fear factor but to also very excited be working with the creators of TAPS since I am a big fan of the show. I was especially interested to read the book knowing of the team’s approach to the paranormal in that they are very reserved and take a scientific approach until they simply have no other explanation for what could be paranormal phenomenon. I wondered how that would affect the crafting of a book that is primarily paranormal in nature and most undoubtedly designed to strike fear in the heart of it’s readers?

Ghost Town is definitely a little different from what I would have expected but it did not disappoint in it’s creep factor. The book really is a never-ending ride into all aspects of the paranormal and the things that go creep in the night. While at times I found the books to be a little unbelievable and therefore not really frightening…there were other times where the spook factor was undeniable. I’m not gonna lie. There was a point when I quit reading the book late into the night with the pitch dark surrounding me and only my tiny book light creating a small glow with the surrounding shadows beyond. The crafting of the story is definitely eerie and will leave you a little uneasy as you slip off into sleep at night. It’s perfect for this Halloween season and for any reader wanting a little scare…including those who might be skeptical and thinking a true fright from literature might be impossible. Unafraid? Skeptical? Non-Believer? Give it a try. I dare you.

Ultimate Paranormal Book Pack Giveaway

Now just in time for Halloween  you too can stock up on some great spooky reading to get you in the mood for the upcoming season. Thanks to the generous folks at Gallery Books I am pleased to be able to giveaway two great titles to two very lucky readers here at Stiletto Storytime. Not only will readers receive a copy of Ghost Town by it’s release date on October 9, 2012 but they will also receive a copy of Jason and Grant’s first book Ghost Trackers as well. But you have to act quick!

Giveaway ends at noon EST on  October 4, 2012. US address only please. The winners will be chosen by random number generator and contacted by e-mail. To enter just comment below. Good Luck to all and Happy Reading!

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Wow…thanks for all the great response to this very short giveaway! I know everyone is very excited to get a hold of Jason & Grant’s newest book so in the interest of getting it to you as soon as possible- let’s announce our winners! Congrats to Paxton Walker and Margay! You’ve both won a copy of both “Ghost Trackers” and “Ghost Town”. Enjoy and as always enjoy “Ghost Hunters” as well especially now during the festive Halloween season!


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Blog Tour: The Girl Below by Bianca Zander

    “Suki Piper is a stranger in her hometown. . . .

After ten years in New Zealand, Suki returns to London, to a city that won’t let her in. However, a chance visit with Peggy—an old family friend who still lives in the building where she grew up—convinces Suki that there is a way to reconnect with the life she left behind a decade earlier. But the more involved she becomes with Peggy’s dysfunctional family, including Peggy’s wayward sixteen-year-old grandson, the more Suki finds herself mysteriously slipping back in time—to the night of a party her parents threw in their garden more than twenty years ago, when something happened in an old, long-unused air-raid shelter. . . .”

Sometimes contemporary fiction can run a bit dry…or at least predictable in it’s plot and characters. However The Girl Below is anything but your average contemporary novel as it winds serpentine like through the present, past and even at times…the paranormal. Following a disheveled and down on her luck Suki as she returns to a city she once knew as home, readers will find themselves within an unpredictable world where reality at times-especially that of the past becomes not only questionable but un-trustable even.

It’s a book that transcends time and the real world while still managing to remain in reality enough to be considered realistic fiction. Unexplainably eerie at times and full of quirky little asides…it’s definitively different from most. Full of childhood recollections, odd characters and an un-assuming leading lady, the book is if anything a mystery within a mystery at times.

All in all it’s a pleasant surprise and a book that will leave you guessing…even perhaps at the very end. If you’re looking for a taste of something different in the vast word of new releases…take a chance on The Girl Below and see where it and your mind will take you. It’s a great one for discussion since it seems to affect different people in vastly different ways. Everyone seems to pull away with something different in the end which can be fascinating when readers compare.

So make sure to check out the tour schedule for The Girl Below here and see what everyone thought. If you read the book I would also love to know your opinion as well. Comments are always welcome and cherished.

Author Bianca Zander can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.


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Review & Giveaway: The Taker by Alma Katsu

   “True love can last an eternity . . . but immortality comes at a price. . . .

On the midnight shift at a hospital in rural Maine, Dr. Luke Findley is expecting another quiet evening of frostbite and the occasional domestic dispute. But the minute Lanore McIlvrae—Lanny—walks into his ER, she changes his life forever. A mysterious woman with a past and plenty of dark secrets, Lanny is unlike anyone Luke has ever met. He is inexplicably drawn to her . . . despite the fact that she is a murder suspect with a police escort. And as she begins to tell her story, a story of enduring love and consummate betrayal that transcends time and mortality, Luke finds himself utterly captivated.

Her impassioned account begins at the turn of the nineteenth century in the same small town of St. Andrew, Maine, back when it was a Puritan settlement. Consumed as a child by her love for the son of the town’s founder, Lanny will do anything to be with him forever. But the price she pays is steep—an immortal bond that chains her to a terrible fate for all eternity. And now, two centuries later, the key to her healing and her salvation lies with Dr. Luke Findley.

Part historical novel, part supernatural page-turner, The Taker is an unforgettable tale about the power of unrequited love not only to elevate and sustain, but also to blind and ultimately destroy, and how each of us is responsible for finding our own path to redemption.”

 We all have them. The titles may be different but the existence of the books are all the same for each of us. There are those books that you mean to read. Often times they are books that have received a large amount of attention or even praise and as a reader you truly mean to read them, you make the mental note again and again but somehow never seem to get around to it. It’s almost as if you are saving those titles for a reader’s rainy day perhaps? Confession time..The Taker has long been one of mine. Saved for who knows what reason and then eventually devoured in almost one single sitting. I honestly did not put it down for two solid days. Leaving me wondering: why on earth did I wait to read this?

What can I say? This book really hit all the right notes for so many reasons. There is almost nothing about it that I didn’t truly, deeply enjoy. Dipping between modern day and a time long ago, the telling is pitch perfect for both which I think is a tricky thing within itself for a writer to accomplish but Alma Katsu proves it can be done and done well.

The core of the novel is the love that Lanny feels for Luke. It’s that kind of love that is so powerful that you know it will either redeem or destroy. Love is the driving force in this novel and I think the author did a great job of making it feel both believable and real. It was essential that the reader understand and in some ways be able to relate to how a person that deeply in love would actually feel. The author did a splendid job of building and establishing that intoxication. As she describes it at one point…

“It was like being in love with the sun: brilliant and intoxicating to be near, but impossible to keep to oneself. It was hopeless to love him and yet it was hopeless to not to.” 

In the end the only positive thing I can glean from waiting so long to indulge in this book is that now I have a shorter wait time than everyone else for the next book to continue this addictive series. The Reckoning releases June 19, 2012 and I can promise I will not be waiting one day to dive deep within it’s pages.

 Gallery Books Book Giveaway

 I so love being able to give away books that I honestly thoroughly enjoyed reading.  Thanks to the generous folks at Gallery Books I am very pleased to be able to provide a brand new paperback copy of The Taker  to one lucky reader at Stiletto Storytime. This giveaway will end midnight EST May 18, 2012 and is available to a US address only. The lucky winner will be chosen by random number generator and contacted by e-mail. Want a sneak peek at a scene? You can check out The Taker for yourself here.

To enter just comment below and share what books you have saved in the past or are “saving” for your reader’s guilty pleasure? What is that book you keep meaning to read but just never seem to get around to?

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Review: Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

    Everything and everyone seem to suddenly be veering completely out of control and as usual the quirky Sookie Stackhouse is front and center of it all. It seems she just can’t keep her sweet southern self safe from the interactions of those pesky supernatural beings and who can blame her seeing that she is married to the powerful vampire Eric Northman(at least for the time being that is) and part other-worldly being herself.

Since that tiny bit of faery blood runs through her veins allowing her to read the minds of others telepathically, she seems to always be caught up in the machinations of those that surround her whether she joins willingly or not. In that respect within the somewhat poetic pages of Deadlocked not much has changed. Whether the world of Faery, the kingdoms of the vampires or the restless packs of were Sookie seems to be ever in demand. However suddenly her relationships to this out of this world collection of creatures have converged into one and it is a convergence of danger rather than safety.

The killing of the powerful vampire Victor in the former book Dead Reckoning has come back to haunt all who were involved both human and vampire alike. Unwelcome visitors have arrived including a vamp queen seductress intent upon luring Eric away from Sookie with promises and a pledge of power and wealth. As Eric is made vulnerable after an unfortunate feeding incident, the ever-loyal Sookie sets out to help in his exoneration with an array of characters against and at her side including her former lover Bill Compton.

But as the clues fall into place Sookie soon finds betrayal may surround her in the places she suspected it least and the very foundations of her life may be shaken to their very roots. As the otherworldly seem to come together in a plot designed to take everything Sookie holds dear, she must decide whether to fight or become resigned to the fate the supernaturals have decreed. A powerful object could answer all her prayers but only if she has the true sight to see what means the most and use it correctly. Will she lose Eric forever or find that the love she has long sought has been by her side all along?

In the latest suspenseful installment of the supernatural world of Bon Temps, Louisiana; worlds collide setting up the perfect stage for Charlaine Harris’ final words and her ultimate plans for the future of her dear Sookie. With only one book remaining it’s never been more important for Sookie Stackhouse to follow her heart and discover the path and being that she’s destined for. Unfortunately for the eager readers and die-hard fans alike they will have to wait a whole year to learn just who that being is.


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Blog Tour: Overbite by Meg Cabot

Meena Harper has bitten off more than she can chew . . .

Meena has a special gift, but only now does anyone appreciate it. Her ability to predict how everyone she meets will die has impressed the Palatine Guard—a powerful secret demon-hunting unit of the Vatican—and they’ve hired her to work at their new branch in Lower Manhattan. Sure, Meena’s ex-boyfriend was Lucien Antonescu, son of Dracula. But that was before he (and their relationship) went up in flames, and now she’s sworn off vampires for good—even though she firmly believes that just because they’ve lost their souls, it doesn’t mean they can’t love.

Convincing her new partner, über-demon-hunter Alaric Wulf, that vampires can be redeemed won’t be easy . . . especially when a deadly new threat arises, endangering not only the Palatine, but Meena’s friends and family as well. As she unravels the truth, Meena will find her loyalties tested, her true feelings laid bare . . . and temptations she never even imagined before nearly impossible to resist.

I fell in love with the protagonist for this work long ago in the first novel in the series: Insatiable. As I have previously gushed about her: “Meena Harper is absolutely one of Meg Cabot’s best characters to date. She’s not your conventional anything and yet she winds up being a fantastic heroine who readers will not only pull for and but also find irresistible.” Since I adored the first book in the series so very much I was naturally very excited to get to read Overbite and not only did I read it once in 2011…I read it again just for this tour.

Overbite for sure does not disappoint. It’s such as unique, quirky take on the underworld of the paranormal. Cabot really takes paranormal creatures and makes them her own and I love that about her writing. She can write about just about anything from realistic teen fiction to paranormal creatures in adult situations and her writing style is still so inventive and comedic that at times it almost seems to be a little bit of parody. No matter how you classify it, I would recommend the “Meena Harper” books for anyone looking for that fun read to just sit back and enjoy…..and sometimes we all need that. Something to make you laugh, something to take you away from the every day and into the fantastical and sometimes hilarious world of Meg Cabot. It’s a good place to be in. It was definitely an escape for me to tag along with Meena once again and watch as she held the fate of Manhattan in her relatively normal hands.

Another plus is that while I completely recommend you read Insatiable, you could read Overbite as a stand alone book as well. It has the power to stand on its own which shows how well Cabot has written her back story and characters independent of the first book in the series. Either way you choose to experience the book…Enjoy!

Want to check in with Meg? You can visit her Facebook, Blog, Twitter and Website for more information on this book or any of her other fabulous titles. In the past Stiletto Storytime has also been lucky enough to have the wonderful Meg Cabot as a guest writer and you can read about some of her favorite childhood reads and her early experiences with librarians here. Having Meg on the site has definitely been a highlight of my blog and reading her work continues to be a great experience in and of itself again and again. Overbite has been no exception.


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Book Birthday & Giveaway: Faery Tales & Nightmares by Melissa Marr

     Happy Book Birthday to Faery Tales and Nightmares by Melissa Marr.

“Dangerous promises and beguiling threats swirl together in a dozen stories of enchantments, dark and light, by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Marr. Uncanny and unexpected creatures appear from behind bushes, rise from under the seas, or manifest from seasonal storms to pursue the objects of their attention—with amorous or sinister intent—relentlessly.

From the gentle tones of a story-teller’s cadences to the terror of a blood sacrifice, tales of favorite characters from Marr’s Wicked Lovely novels mix with accounts of new characters for readers to fall in love with . . . or to fear.

Lush, seductive, and chilling, Melissa Marr’s stories revel in the unseen magic that infuses the world as we know it.”

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the short story genre. For me it’s usually because short stories if they are well written…simply leave me wanting more. I want to know what will happen next, how it will end or just more depth in general from my reading material.

That was surely the case with most of the tales in Melissa Marr’s newest collection of stories filled with a plethora of unforgettable characters, differing styles and even what at times felt like a range of  time periods. Inside you will find a little bit of something for everyone from stories containing the characters of the bestselling Wicked Lovely series to the occasional vampire and even the almost folk tale-ish “Winter’s Kiss” which happened to be my personal favorite within the collection. In the end the volume is a array of stories  filled with variety of every kind, snippets of the darker side and tastes of true terror at times. It’s the perfect book to read straight through from beginning to end or to parcel out each night before bed. I can only hope we may see some of these stories later developed into much more by the very talented Marr in the future. Also if you haven’t- make sure to check out Marr’s most recent and only adult novel  Graveminder which I truly enjoyed a short while ago.

Super Book Giveaway

In celebration of the release of Faery Tales and Nightmares Stiletto Storytime is excited to be able to offer a special giveaway from author Melissa Marr herself. One lucky reader will win a personalized copy of Faery Tale and Nightmares along with a personalized copy of the recently released A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton. Giveaway ends midnight EST March 1, 2012. US addresses only please for this giveaway. Winner will be contacted by e-mail.

To enter simply comment below telling me why you want to win this great prize pack. Are you a Melissa Marr fan or a newbie who is intrigued? Do you love short stories or simply crave a taste of the dark side? Just let us know for a chance to win both great books.

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Blog Tour: Paranormal by Raymond Moody M.D. & Paul Perry

    Who hasn’t wondered about what happens right after death or about the possibility of an after-life? Most may occasionally think upon the subject but for Raymond Moody it has been somewhat of a life-long obsession and a true quest for answers to one of life’s most mysterious events- he has tried to solve it by searching through everything from modern day personal accounts to the literature left behind by ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Socrates. Moody is known somewhat as the expert on what he termed “Near Death Experiences” or (NDE). At one point in his research he was even nicknamed “Dr. Death”. He is now considered a world recognized expert on NDE. His first interest in death and what happens afterwards began at a young age which then lead him into a fascination with philosophy and psychiatry which he links closely with the idea of an after-life.

As to what to expect from this book at first I found the title somewhat misleading. I expected more of the paranormal or testimony there of. Turns out that happened much earlier on in Moody’s famous book Life After Life. This book is more about Raymond Moody’s life as the second part of the title suggests. In the end it winds up being somewhat of a memoir, autobiography and record of his work and life all tied together which may disappoint some readers who were looking for more of that paranormal experience.

However for what the book is, it is well written and not too technical in it’s scientific aspects. I found it to be a good read for those interested in the topic however I think I may go back to read his first book to get more of the informational type look at the after-life that I was more interested in. If you are interested in Raymond Moody however and his life and studies of NDE and the after-life, I think this is the perfect book for you. Just expect it to be more about him than the actual topic at hand. As with most books we usually find them more enjoyable when they are what we expected them to be. So that would be my only warning on going into this book for readers and their expectations. Make sure to continue this TLC Book Tour with other great bloggers here and see what they had to say about this book as well.


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Kiersten White’s Supernaturally Blog Tour

  Siletto Storytime is pleased to be a stop on Kiersten White’s Supernaturally Blog Tour. Each stop on the tour includes a fabulous guest post from author Kiersten White herself. Each post details a different creature encountered in the series. Stiletto Storytime was lucky enough to get the troll…definitely a creature that plays a critical role in the latest book.  So read below for a completer dossier and artist rendering of the troll. Also make sure to check out the next stop on the Supernaturally tour at Pure Imagination on September 19th.

IPCA Employee Handbook Section 3.1.6

Level Three
Known Entity (Human Mimicry), Ancient Origin, Parallel Evolution, Predatory
Immortality: Undetermined, extremely long lives but aging apparent
Breeding: Theoretical cross-breeding dangers, no confirmed instances

Appearance: Northern European in appearance, blonde hair with one notably snarled patch. Typically stocky in build, close-set eyes, blocky features, tails (nearly always hidden). All ages, though their young are rarely seen.
Myths: Anecdotal tales about trolls are neither substantiated nor refuted. Trolls are neither giant nor grotesquely misshapen. Fear of lightning unconfirmed.
Facts: Trolls often live underground in vast social networks. They have been known to steal everything from livestock to entire villages, keeping humans as servants and taking over their homes. They are stronger than the average person, and some reports theorize that trolls can turn invisible at will, though this could be a reflection of their skill at blending and hiding, whether underground or in plain sight.
Dangers: Strength, possible invisibility, theft, violence, numbers (unlike most paranormals, trolls always live in large networks of family units). Trolls should only be confronted when location is confirmed and surrounded. Iron sensitivity, though not pronounced, is present. Tranquilizers and Tasers are effective (please see: Appendices: Weapons, Uses of, sections 4.2-.7).

Information contributed by Evelyn age 15 (please see Appendices Catalog, Section 7, for details on glamour-piercing abilities), transcribed from the original audio: Trolls? Bleep, I dunno. It’s been forever since we found that village. I remember them being extra tall, broad shoulders, kinda thick builds. Super strong—I wouldn’t want to face one alone. Under their glamours they’re not much different. Though some of them did seem to be shimmering strangely as they ran away. Also they could use a serious hair-care regime. It’s sad seeing so many natural blondes letting their hair rat up like that.

Artist rendering of Evelyn’s description:

Think you might want to learn more about how the trolls fit into the paranormal world created by Kiersten White in her hit series? Check out my reviews of  Supernaturally  and Paranormalcy to learn more about the books. You can also visit Kiersten at her website and learn more about her upcoming physical tour.

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Guest Post & Giveaway: Author Kelley Armstrong Celebrates the Otherworld’s 10th Anniversary

Today at Stiletto Storytime we welcome author Kelley Armstrong who recently released Spell Bound which is the twelfth book in her New York Times best-selling Otherworld series. The Otherworld series itself is also celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary. Today Kelley joins us to talk about how she keeps her writing and multiple series going for such a successful period of time. So without further ado…Welcome Kelley! 

Over and Over Again

When my Otherworld series hit the double-digits, I started getting a few new frequently-asked-questions when I spoke to aspiring authors. For those still working on getting one book published, ten seemed to be the magical number that took the dream from “I could do that” to “how the heck does any writer do that?” Not surprisingly, then, these writers have questions. Lots of them.They ask about continuity—how do you keep it all straight? And they ask about creativity—how do you come up with new plots? Those two are easy. For continuity, I use a series bible and a group of beta readers. For creativity, it’s never been an issue because I’m working in a huge fictional world, with a slew of narrators, each inhabiting their own corner of that world, each corner with its own set of issues and concerns.There is, however, another question, one new writers can be reluctant to ask, at the risk of offending an author. Eventually, though, someone will. After more than ten books, how do you keep from repeating yourself? From over-using words and phrases to overusing plot devices? The short answer is that I don’t. I try, but I when look back over my body of work,I do see all those pet phrases, pet word and pet plot devices.Even this week, editing the last book in the series, one of my editors made me a handy little list of “words I overuse.” As far back as Dime Store Magic, I can remember getting a note from the copyeditor that I “seemed to have a lot of people turning.” Yes, turning. Don’t ask me why. My characters just like to turn. Since that book, I’ve been vigilantly rooting out all unnecessary turns. So what’s on my editor’s current list of “words I overuse”? Spun. Wheeled. Swung. Oh, yes, apparently my characters are still turning…they’ve just doing it with more style.That same editor has pointed out my fondness for alleys. As she rightly notes, there are more alleys in my books than you’d find in any modern city. So I started using service lanes. Yep, take a look at the last fewOtherworld books and notice how often characters run down service lanes between building. Hey, they aren’t alleys!Another overused bit of geography that she’s noted? Abandoned warehouses. I love abandoned warehouse and have embraced that love. Instead of eliminating them, I’ve turned it into a running joke in the Otherworld. Same with kidnapping. My characters get taken captive so often they’ve started keeping track and competing for the dubious honor of “most kidnapped.” And don’t even try to make a drinking game of how many times they’ve been sedated, gassed, knocked out or otherwise rendered unconscious. I swear some of them have been KO’d more times than the worst boxer.I can joke about these overused phrases and devices now, but there was a time, maybe halfway through the series, when they bothered me to the point where I experienced the closest thing I’ve ever had to writer’s block. I kept trying to plot a book where no one gets kidnapped, knocked unconscious, lured into an alley, ambushed in an abandoned warehouse…and it paralyzed me. I eventually came to accept that I am going to repeat myself. It’s inevitable. If I can avoid it, I should. But if I can’t, then I should just have some fun with it and move on. It’s the overarching plot and the characters that count, and that’s where I have to concentrate on avoiding repetition.

Book Giveaway

One lucky reader of Stiletto Storytime will win their very own copy of Spell Bound. Giveaway ends midnight EST September 14, 2011. US/Canada addresses only please. The winner will be chosen by and notified by e-mail address.Good Luck to all and Happy Reading!

To enter simply comment below sharing your favorite long running series or author.

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Review: Envy by Gregg Olsen

    It all begins with the death of a fifteen year old girl named Katelyn. A girl who was indeed emotionally troubled but not believed to be suicidal. A girl who may have been having a hard time in her life. Her death…seems accidental or even a possible suicide but a select few think not. Twins Hayley and  Taylor Ryan “feel” something is not right and for them that’s a big deal. You see the sisters are special. Everyone thinks so- they are at least the chosen ones from when years before they and Kateyln were the only children to survive a horrific accident. But beyond that they “see” more than most people around them and they are determined to find out the truth about Kathelyn’s death no matter what it takes.

In a story that is literally torn right from the nightly news, Gregg Olsen has presented us with a tale that is part thriller, part mystery with a smattering of real-life and a dash of the paranormal.  It’s setting Port Gamble, Washington also known as “Empty Coffin” has it’s own spook factor to boot with a past of paranormal and spooky proportions. In the end the book is a bit chilling and odd. There is a definite creep factor at work here. At times it can be predictable but the twists and turns along with a surprise ending make it all worth it in the end.

From the very first few pages and the cover I really wanted to love this book. I wanted to dive right in and not surface until finished but I found for me that was not the case. The book jumps around a lot especially in the beginning with differing characters and time frames…it takes awhile for one to get their bearings about the story. I found myself having to take breaks and then come back and re-orient myself to the storyline. However once the story gets rolling it really takes off and you find yourself eager for the next page. Add in a long list of supporting characters that are well developed and presented along with sub-plots that work into the story seamlessly and you have a book that I think will do really well with the young adult audience.

Envy is scheduled to be the first of six books in the Empty Coffin series. I assume this means each book will be placed in Port Gamble, Washington so it will be interesting to see how the author continues on with this cast of characters. Hopefully each story will reman as fresh as this one was.

You can watch the book trailer and read more about the book at Gregg Olsen’s website.

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