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Kiersten White’s Supernaturally Blog Tour

  Siletto Storytime is pleased to be a stop on Kiersten White’s Supernaturally Blog Tour. Each stop on the tour includes a fabulous guest post from author Kiersten White herself. Each post details a different creature encountered in the series. Stiletto Storytime was lucky enough to get the troll…definitely a creature that plays a critical role in the latest book.  So read below for a completer dossier and artist rendering of the troll. Also make sure to check out the next stop on the Supernaturally tour at Pure Imagination on September 19th.

IPCA Employee Handbook Section 3.1.6

Level Three
Known Entity (Human Mimicry), Ancient Origin, Parallel Evolution, Predatory
Immortality: Undetermined, extremely long lives but aging apparent
Breeding: Theoretical cross-breeding dangers, no confirmed instances

Appearance: Northern European in appearance, blonde hair with one notably snarled patch. Typically stocky in build, close-set eyes, blocky features, tails (nearly always hidden). All ages, though their young are rarely seen.
Myths: Anecdotal tales about trolls are neither substantiated nor refuted. Trolls are neither giant nor grotesquely misshapen. Fear of lightning unconfirmed.
Facts: Trolls often live underground in vast social networks. They have been known to steal everything from livestock to entire villages, keeping humans as servants and taking over their homes. They are stronger than the average person, and some reports theorize that trolls can turn invisible at will, though this could be a reflection of their skill at blending and hiding, whether underground or in plain sight.
Dangers: Strength, possible invisibility, theft, violence, numbers (unlike most paranormals, trolls always live in large networks of family units). Trolls should only be confronted when location is confirmed and surrounded. Iron sensitivity, though not pronounced, is present. Tranquilizers and Tasers are effective (please see: Appendices: Weapons, Uses of, sections 4.2-.7).

Information contributed by Evelyn age 15 (please see Appendices Catalog, Section 7, for details on glamour-piercing abilities), transcribed from the original audio: Trolls? Bleep, I dunno. It’s been forever since we found that village. I remember them being extra tall, broad shoulders, kinda thick builds. Super strong—I wouldn’t want to face one alone. Under their glamours they’re not much different. Though some of them did seem to be shimmering strangely as they ran away. Also they could use a serious hair-care regime. It’s sad seeing so many natural blondes letting their hair rat up like that.

Artist rendering of Evelyn’s description:

Think you might want to learn more about how the trolls fit into the paranormal world created by Kiersten White in her hit series? Check out my reviews of  Supernaturally  and Paranormalcy to learn more about the books. You can also visit Kiersten at her website and learn more about her upcoming physical tour.

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Review: Supernaturally by Kiersten White

 Evie once spent her days at the International Paranormal Containment Agency fighting all manner of paranormal beings. As a kick butt paranormal warrior, she often encountered the unknown but nothing ever prepared her for the horror that is high school. Once she dreamed of the things the usual teenager takes for granted like having a locker, playing school sports and of course that very first kiss. Now she’s found while the kiss may be all she dreamed of other parts of life may not.

After choosing a normal life over her once actively abnormal profession, Evie tries desperately to immerse herself in school, her part time job at a not so typical diner and her dreamy shape-shifting boyfriend Lend. However can a life of the everyday keep her happy when she’s always been so special?

When an offer to re-join the IPCA as a part-time consultant comes along Evie can’t help but be lured back in. Whether it’s her desire to re-connect with Raquel who has been the closest she’s ever had to a mother or her simple need to feel needed, Evie doesn’t know how to resist the pull of her former life. However things at the IPCA have changed since she left. The loss of a best friend and a complete restructuring have left the center different and yet still somehow the same as she jumps back into her former escapades.  Additionally a new boy has joined the team who can walk the faerie paths which luckily eliminates Evie’s need to work with the fey who seem to still have an unhealthy interest in her.

 Her new partner Jack may seem like the good-looking boy next-door but Evie soon finds he’s definitely one to watch.  Especially since Lend does not seem too thrilled about her returning to her old job or her new blonde haired and blue-eyed partner. And of course there is the little matter of Lend being immortal and not knowing it. Does Evie tell him and change everything they have or risk losing him forever by keeping it a secret? As author Kiersten White proves the course of true love does not always run smooth even if it is of the paranormal variety.

 In the end Evie soon finds that between keeping an off kilter teenage boy out of trouble, tracking random rogue paranormals and maintaining a normal relationship with a shapeshifter -who has time for homework? Once again Kiersten White has managed to put the normal back into paranormal by combining out of this world creatures in a everyday setting that makes her series both irresistibly readable and unique.

 As is the case with most highly successful debuts, readers often wonder will the sequel in a series live up to the hype? Author Kiersten White’s Supernaturally answers that question with a resounding yes. Quirky, fun and downright entertaining Supernaturally will keep teens reading long into the night. As the story of Evie continues readers will find they are falling in love all over again with a pink loving paranormal avenger.

Need an update or want to check out the first book in the Paranormalcy series. Check out my review for Parnormalcy. 

Supernaturally by Kiersten White will be released on July 26, 2011.


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Review: Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

https://i0.wp.com/2.bp.blogspot.com/_eO9x8ffzhyc/TBmKbx7zCJI/AAAAAAAAAq8/mgmc2n_ceM4/s1600/Paranormalcy_KierstenWhite2.jpg The genre of paranormal literature in the young adult book world has exploded in the last year. It almost seems as if every book has at least one werewolf, vampire or rogue faery running around between its covers. Sometimes it feels like they all begin to blur together in one endless stream of the supernatural. Amazingly author Kiersten White has found a way to not only make paranormal new but to create a story that goes beyond just the paranormal creatures themselves. In her new book Paranormalcy she creates a world that is full of the paranormal but not over-run by them. It’s the story of your average teen girl who’s not really average at all.

Paranormalcy is a book that will grab you from the very first chapter. It’s different, it’s new and it’s a keeper.  Evie is your everyday teenager except for one thing, she works for the IPCA (International Paranormal Containment Agency) meaning she spends a large amount of time hunting and tagging paranormal beings in the real world. You see Evie is unique, she can see through the glamours of any creature meaning none can hide from her “special” eyes; she is one of a kind. However in other ways she is just like most teen girls, she yearns to experience a real high school life, she’s addicted to a teen TV drama and she dreams of the day she will receive her first kiss. While yearning for a more normal life, Evie has learned to adapt to her world as she knows it until events begin that make her question whether she is an employee of the IPCA or one of it’s prisoners. Who can she really trust, who is the real enemy in the struggle between humans and paranormals?

Throw in a dash of true teen love, a hunky supernatural and the possible end of the paranormal world and you have a non-stop thrill ride into an inventive and unique story.  Adults and teens alike will devour this fresh perspective and hunger for more after the last page has turned. Kiersten White has created a work that has exceeded it’s hype, Paranormalcy is a must read not only for lovers of the supernatural but for anyone who enjoys a good read.


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