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The Visibles-Review

The Visibles by Sara Shepard

I simply cannot say how excited I was to start to read The Visibles and how much more excited I was when I finished. Sara Shepard is a shining example of how far young adult fiction has come in the last few years. Like Stephenie Meyer both have bestselling young adult series (Pretty Little Liars and Twilight respectively) and out of this world adult premieres (The Visibles and The Host)! It truly shows the talent that exists in the young adult literary pool! I myself have been following Pretty Little Liars for awhile and was very excited to see that Shepard had struck 0ut into adult fiction. I am about to read Wicked and am eagerly awaiting Killer which is released June 30th. As far as Shepard’s new adult endeavor…. this is a must read! A captivating story full of twists and turns that you think you know but find you have no idea.  The story of Summer, a girl abandoned by some, living for others and searching for herself. My favorite part of the book is below. It alludes to the title but if you think about it from a psychological point of view, it revels so much more and really made me stop and think. Mental illness is a large subject in the work and I think this quote says a lot about that. About what people with more emotional or psychological problems feel like and sometimes how they are viewed and treated by others. So much about this novel leaves you thinking…afterwards. And that in my opinion is what makes a great book!

“It made me think of a recurring dream I sometimes had, the one in which I had no outer covering. Everyone was able to see right through my to my organs and inside my brain, aware of what I was thinking and feeling at all times. I was called a Visible, and I had to go to a special school with the rest of the Visibles. My mother  disappointed, showed me her high school yearbook and told me she wasn’t a Visible when she was my age.”



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