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Review & Giveaway: The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

     In the first three well-loved installments of the Iron Fey series, readers were taken on epic journeys of adventure, imagination and romance as the half mortal/half fey Meghan Chase fought to discover her destiny in the land of the Never-never.  Throughout her trials always at her side were her mischievous best friend Robin “Puck” Goodfellow and the sometimes cold Prince Ash of the rival Winter Court. Conversely Ash once a sworn enemy was eventually revealed to be the true love of Meghan’s now supernatural life.

 However as events unfolded Meghan soon realized that in order to save the world of the fey and all those whom she had come to love, a sacrifice must be made. And so Meghan Chase became the Iron Queen, ruler of a realm that would prove deadly to all fey who tried to co-exist there. And so she was forced in an act of supreme unselfish devotion to banish her lover out of the realm so that he could live on away from the iron that would eat away at his very being. But true to the stubbornness of the Winter Fey, Ash vowed as her knight to return to her and be by her side for eternity.

 Thus begins the extremely exciting tale of The Iron Knight and in turn a quest straight out of ancient mythology. Prince Ash now yearns not for immortality or the thrill of the quest but for the chance to be human and remain with Meghan forever in the Iron Kingdom. In order to do so he must journey far beyond the Never-never to places unseen by most and feared by all.  By his side a most unlikely assemblage will push him forward into a trial not only of his strength and intelligence but also of his past, present and future.

 Members of Team Ash will rejoice in this latest book in the series as it chronicles the Winter Prince’s journey into the unknown to prove his love knows no bounds.  As a surprising array of companions return to accompany him and the ultimate temptation abounds, the story of Prince Ash and his past come to life in a whole new way for devoted fans of the beloved series.

 Deeply insightful, daring and filled with unanticipated background information, The Iron Knight could provide what may possibly be the perfect ending to a spectacular series or the beginning of a whole new chapter in the world of the fey.

Interested? Make sure and check out Julie Kagawa’s website and my reviews for The Iron Daughter and The Iron Queen  if “The Iron Fey” series sounds like the one for you.

Book Giveaway

One lucky reader of Stiletto Storytime will win their very own copy of The Iron Knight by the fabulous Julie Kagawa. Giveaway ends midnight EST November 8, 2011. US and Canada addresses only please. Winner will be chosen by random.org and notified by e-mail address. Good Luck to all and Happy Reading!

To enter just comment below about your favorite part of “The Iron Fey” series. For instance are you Team Ash or Team Puck?  If you’re new to the series just let me know what has caught your eye and why you want to read it!

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Review: The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

Meghan Chase is a somewhat human girl who once lived a somewhat normal life. That is until the day came when she learned that there was another realm beyond her imagination to which she also belonged. The infamously mischievous Robin “Puck” Goodfellow turned out to the true identity of her oldest childhood friend and King Oberon of the Summer Court was revealed to be her true father. However certain events have progressed matters in the Faery world to a degree that has made Meghan’s role in this magical place not only pivotal but also critical to its survival and that of all who inhabit it.

By defeating the Iron King Machina Meghan earned some recognition from the Fey but she still is considered a half-breed and feels as though she doesn’t truly belong in either realm. Exiled from the Nevernever, with her lover Prince Ash of the Winter Court the two become forced to roam the mortal world until the promise of another war calls them back into service. A false Iron King has emerged and threatens all of the Fey.  Meghan as the only one of her kind holds the key to saving the Fey and their lands from the looming Iron threat and what could be certain annihilation. But every battle thus far has come with a price. What will Meghan have to sacrifice this time to save those that she loves and the fickle land that she now considers her home?

The Iron Queen is the third installment in the highly popular Iron Fey series and the characters of the series are really what have driven this book from fantasy to fantastical. The individual characters have begun to deepen as the story has progressed. In this book readers begin to know Meghan, Ash and Puck on another level, one that makes them real and relatable. They begin to see below the surface of each character where they find well-constructed personalities and beings that can hold their own and will gain the following of loyal fans. Meghan grows from the insecure mortal girl to one worthy of her birthright and the power she holds. The build up of their characterization is perfectly timed and simply beautiful at times.  From scene to scene readers will excitedly follow Meghan through trials of love, loss and uncertainty.

Kagawa’s ability to create a fantastical world is quite unique. Her attention to detail, plot formation and gentle whimsy make the novel sparkle with originality. Readers don’t just read about the realms she has created, they visually create them in their mind through her excellently detailed and thorough depictions.  From a seemingly never-ending love triangle to battle scenes that exhilarate, readers are taken once again on bewitching journey sure to please.

At times as a series progresses often the quality of the writing and plot can suffer, not so with Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey series in which the third volume shines as the best yet.

I personally recommend reading the series in order. I even went back and re-read the first two books in the series before reading The Iron Queen and I have to say it only made it all the more enjoyable. It allowed me to view the saga more as a whole and to better appreciate how finely scripted it truly is. Now all we have to do is await the next in the series The Iron Knight.




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Review: The Iron Daughter

https://i1.wp.com/1.bp.blogspot.com/_FV3UIGV-iMA/S83DiiVzl6I/AAAAAAAAATo/5dnj0OAmq3U/s1600/9780373210138_TS_PRD.jpg As the highly anticipated second book in the wildly popular Iron Fey series, The Iron Daughter continues the journey of Meghan Chase; half human, half faery royalty, she is also just a young girl of only sixteen forced into a world she once could only have imagined in her nightmares. Daughter to King Oberon and best friend to Robin “Puck” Goodfellow, Meghan has learned that sometimes what you read in fairy tales may not be fiction at all, it may be your reality. Now as she has chosen to reside in the Nevernever land and embrace her faery self, she must now face not only her love for Ash, the forbidden Winter Prince but also his Mother the Queen of the Winter Court.

After defeating the Iron King and returning her little brother Ethan to the human world in the first book of the series, Meghan must now pay her debt to the Winter Prince and return with him to the Winter Court where she could face imprisonment or even a torture worse than death from the ruthless Queen Mab. Missing the guidance and protection of her closest friend Puck, she must trust herself to be able to survive surrounded by enemies despite the loss of her fey powers. However soon the threat of the Iron Fey is once again upon the faery world and Meghan seems to be the one of the only fey aware of their existence. War looms between the Winter and Summer courts as Meghan once again goes to battle to save a world she has only begun to know.

Filled with magical creatures and an action packed plot The Iron Daughter is the perfect continuation of The Iron King. Engrossing and expertly paced the series is a wonderful fairy tale with the feel of an old world story gone modern.  Shakespearean references weave perfectly into the story of a modern day teenage girl among a wonderland. While entertaining her readers and leading them on a story not to be forgotten, Julie Kagawa will also hopefully lead some of her teen readers back to classical literature through her Shakespearean roots for this entrancing fantasy series. The Iron Daughter is a book that will keep it’s readers glued to the pages until the very end.

I have to say I simply love this series. I was a little late to pick it up because often books that get a lot of hype “scare me off”. I’m not sure why, maybe I feel I will be let down but this has not been the case with the Iron Fey series. Especially since it will hopefully do one of the things closest to my heart: lead reader’s back to classical literature. Perhaps by reading about King Oberon and Puck, teens will want to pick up Shakespeare willingly. Readers can also check out Kagawa’s online free novella Winter’s Passage from Harlequin Teen. The Iron Queen, the next book in the popular series will be available February 2011.

And I know you are all waiting…so here it is…as of right now I am Team Ash! Let the taunting begin!


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