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Blog Tour: The Uninvited Guests by Sadie Jones

“It’s refreshing to have a little of the unexpected.”    

 “With some apprehension, the Torrington family is about to celebrate the twentieth birthday of Emerald, the second of three children. Their housekeeper, Florence, plans an elaborate dinner for the family and a few close friends. Charlotte and her children—the romantically handsome and callow Clovis; nine-year old Imogen, known as Smudge, who plots a “Great Undertaking” for the evening; and Emerald herself—are disconsolate at the thought of losing Sterne, their beloved family home.

Originally purchased by Horace Torrington, Charlotte’s first husband and the children’s father, Sterne has become too expensive for the financially strapped family to maintain. Since Horace’s death and Charlotte’s remarriage to Edward Swift, the house remains an important link to the past, a symbol of the family’s position that is intertwined with their sense of identity.

As Edward sets off for Manchester in hopes of obtaining a loan, the rest of the family begins preparing for the dinner party. An evening unlike any other awaits them. Little can the Torringtons imagine, that more than just a few intimate friends are about to arrive at Sterne . . .”

The Edwardian period has returned to Stiletto Storytime…this would be the second appearance this time period has made on the blog this week. Popular much? I should think so…however this time we are spotlighting a book that was purely Edwardian England through and through. I don’t know how else to explain the character of the writing except to say that it is very British. Austere, clean and brisk, the story is told in  a point blank manner that suits it and lends to it’s reserved and yet comical nature. I won’t lie ( I don’t want to give anything away which makes this review very hard to write) but I was laughing out loud at multiple moments in this book. I have been told often that my sense of humor is very British and it must be true considering how much I enjoyed the humor within The Uninvited Guests. The very premise is quite humorous in and of itself. It was a perfect short but entertaining read to cheer one’s spirits and yet at times it was startling brutal in it’s look at human behavior and issues of class. It truly ran the gamut of emotions at times going from comedy to cruelty within just a few pages.

 The Uninvited Guests also takes place in a very short amount of time, is not of great length and really read almost like a short story in many ways. The voice of Sadie Jones is that of a storyteller- very strong and steady. The book does manage despite it’s short length to have multiple character POV’s and a somewhat complex plot with lots of action occurring at once. Personally I enjoyed the different characters and their personal outlooks immensely. I loved being able to see the happenings of the tale from the different character viewpoints, it really allowed for some very funny and revealing moments that were sometimes intriguing and often truly priceless. Books very rarely surprise me but this one did and it was in wonderful ways. Though it may have begun somewhat slow the book really ended up winning me over in the end. And most importantly it truly did make me laugh.

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