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Georgette Heyer Gems of August Event

Welcome to August at Stiletto Storytime. This month I will be dedicating the majority of the posts on my blog to the work of author Georgette Heyer. Heyer is best known as the creator of the “Regency” genre of romance novels but to me she will always be the woman who provided me with “more” after I had devoured every Jane Austen novel in middle school and found to my horror that there would never be another….and so enter Georgette Heyer.

Through the years I have enjoyed many a Heyer novel and introduced her to many friends as well. And so this August as we celebrate what would have been Heyer’s 109th birthday on the 16th, Stiletto Storytime will be celebrating the work of an amazing author. Guest reviews of her many books, guest posts and an amazing Sourcebooks prize pack giveaway will all be included. So share your love of Georgette Heyer, tell us your favorite book, or even discover her for the first time…this month I want more than anything to encourage discussion and celebration of a wonderful writer who often in my opinion gets overlooked. And so without further ado…”Georgette Heyer Gems of August” begins…

     Sourcebooks Prize Pack Giveaway

 Stiletto Storytime will be giving away two Georgette Heyer prize packages at the end of August. US Addresses only please. All one needs to do to enter is to comment on any Georgette Heyer post in the month of August. Each “meaningful” comment will give you one entry into the prize pack drawing. Each prize pack will contain four Georgette Heyer works courtesy of the always generous Sourcebooks. For extra entries you can also do the each of the following once…

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*Want to share a review of a Heyer work or write a guest post for this event? Anyone wanting to contribute to this event may contact me at stilettostorytime@gmail.com. Space is limited but I would love to hear from you.*


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South Carolina Book Festival

The South Carolina Book Festival is this weekend in Columbia, SC. And I have already begun to enjoy the fruits of literary opportunity it has brought to our city. This morning I enjoyed a Masters Writing Workshop by James O. Born, a Florida based crime writer and author of The Human Disguise which I will be reviewing on Stiletto Storytime in the near future . The workshop was based on the “basics of writing a novel” but we covered much more including the author’s opinion of book blogging (he gave us a thumbs up!) and his love of the IRS…don’t we all (so the hidden listening devices will choose not to audit).  I love being able to attend events like this and how lucky this one was practically in my back yard. Tomorrow I look forward to possible meeting more fantastic authors, great conversation and soaking in the genuine “love of books” feeling you only get at events such as these.  I look forward to tomorrow and the first official day of the festival. On the agenda tomorrow Heidi Durrow ,Lucy Nolan, Mindy Friddle and Dacre Stoker (the great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker and fellow South Carolinian…come on… how can you pass that up!) Will keep all informed and if you are in the area…come join the fun…admission is free!

Until then check out the summary for The Human Disguise and see if it might be a book for you, I know dystopian fans will be interested and I am excited it will count towards my Dystopian Challenge this year:

This near-future page-turner debut amalgamates apocalyptic science fiction, police procedural and thematic dashes of alien invasion and vampire mythos. Fighting wars in Syria, Iraq and the Balkans, the U.S. is on the precipice of anarchy. Manhattan is a radioactive wasteland, sprawling plague quarantine zones are commonplace and lawlessness is rampant. When Tom Wilner, a detective with Florida’s underfunded Unified Police Force, witnesses a bloody shootout at a roadhouse, he becomes entangled in a vast conspiracy involving his estranged wife and her crime lord lover, a terrorist plot to detonate a dirty bomb in Florida and speculation about a race of godlike hominids and a looming alien invasion. O’Neal provides the postapocalyptic genre with few innovations, but his self-assured, hard-edged writing style, solid characters and wildly entertaining thriller plot will keep readers enthralled.


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