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Review: Envy by Gregg Olsen

    It all begins with the death of a fifteen year old girl named Katelyn. A girl who was indeed emotionally troubled but not believed to be suicidal. A girl who may have been having a hard time in her life. Her death…seems accidental or even a possible suicide but a select few think not. Twins Hayley and  Taylor Ryan “feel” something is not right and for them that’s a big deal. You see the sisters are special. Everyone thinks so- they are at least the chosen ones from when years before they and Kateyln were the only children to survive a horrific accident. But beyond that they “see” more than most people around them and they are determined to find out the truth about Kathelyn’s death no matter what it takes.

In a story that is literally torn right from the nightly news, Gregg Olsen has presented us with a tale that is part thriller, part mystery with a smattering of real-life and a dash of the paranormal.  It’s setting Port Gamble, Washington also known as “Empty Coffin” has it’s own spook factor to boot with a past of paranormal and spooky proportions. In the end the book is a bit chilling and odd. There is a definite creep factor at work here. At times it can be predictable but the twists and turns along with a surprise ending make it all worth it in the end.

From the very first few pages and the cover I really wanted to love this book. I wanted to dive right in and not surface until finished but I found for me that was not the case. The book jumps around a lot especially in the beginning with differing characters and time frames…it takes awhile for one to get their bearings about the story. I found myself having to take breaks and then come back and re-orient myself to the storyline. However once the story gets rolling it really takes off and you find yourself eager for the next page. Add in a long list of supporting characters that are well developed and presented along with sub-plots that work into the story seamlessly and you have a book that I think will do really well with the young adult audience.

Envy is scheduled to be the first of six books in the Empty Coffin series. I assume this means each book will be placed in Port Gamble, Washington so it will be interesting to see how the author continues on with this cast of characters. Hopefully each story will reman as fresh as this one was.

You can watch the book trailer and read more about the book at Gregg Olsen’s website.


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The Luxe Series: Envy

Well it seems all the Rumors and Luxury have led to Envy in the world of The Luxe. First off again they have hit a home run on another fantastic cover and breathtaking dress choice. Diana Holland is rumored to be the debutante featured on the Envy cover which would make sense since she takes a much more predominant role in this book than the first two.I am really enjoying the direction the series is taking and can’t wait for Splendor which so far has no cover but will be released October 27, 2009.

For those of you who have not entered the world of the Luxe…what are you waiting for? The Luxe is most often described as “Gossip Girl in Victorian Times” and in this last installment it did not fail to keep us reading! So go grab a copy of The Luxe and Rumors, now both in paperback!

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Rumors Has IT!

I have felt so far behind in both my reading and my reviews. Summer Reading took up most of my professional time and some health issues sapped any remaining blogging time. But alas it appears both have come to an end and I am back and ready to sound off on the latest books!.I have just finished Rumors by Anna Godbersen and I have to say I loved it! I was worried when I first got my copy because I wasn’t really in the mood for it. Whenever I feel unwell I tend to go back and read the classics that I love. It’s like eating Mom’s homemade soup…makes me feel safe and comforted. So after putting down my well worn P&P copy (Pride and Prejudice), I was hesitant to start on a new hot YA title. But all it took was a page or two and I was hooked! Godbersen has done a wonderful job of her second Luxe novel.  Unlike some authors who seem to stall once they have a hot series, Godbersen keeps things moving and keeps the reader addicted. While in the end we still look forward to the happenings in the next novel, we still find plenty to think about from the last. A wonderful addition to the series. Also now we can all look forward to Envy which will be the next in the Luxe series! However unfortunately as of yet no release date or sneak peek of the fabulous cover.  So I guess we will have to wait!


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