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Confessions of a Librarian

I confess that I sometimes wish librarians still dressed like they did in the movie Desk Set. Heels, pearls and all that jazz! I loved the styles of that era and just the general put togetherness it represented.I loved that Katherine had a fur and wore silk shantung…so chic and yet super smart as well! Librarians can be both you know. (I would choose a nice fake fur though, don’t worry.) If you have not seen it, Desk Set is a must and only one of many movies done by Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy together.




As we all know National Library Week is coming up April 11-17th. Make sure to thank your local library, librarians and staff. With the recent recession have come budget cuts causing salary reductions, reduced hours and even the closing of libraries…..so tell them what they and their services mean to you. I promise it will make their day! As a book blogger my local library is a place that I use to the maximum for books to review and generally enjoy. I could never afford to purchase every book that I review…and that is the joy of libraries! Now as I embark on a new career at home…I will admit to missing checking my shelves regularly…coming in to the library first thing in the morning when it’s so quiet…the smell of books all around….and all those little eyes looking brightly at you during storytime as though you were doing magic by simply reading them a book.  Well…I guess that may sound odd to some but it’s the sure calling of being a librarian and I am very proud to have answered it. Now although I am no longer in the library professionally, I get the joy of taking my son to storytime and sharing the joy of reading with all of you through Stiletto Storytime.

And now for some fun: Hodge Podge did a nice post awhile back about movies involving either libraries or librarians…can you name some below in the comments before you go to the site and see the answers?



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