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Review: The Liberation of Alice Love by Abby McDonald

Alice has always played it safe. She did everything she was supposed to do….she worked hard to establish a stable if somewhat mundane career, saved diligently for a flat of her own and always made the responsible decision whenever there was a major choice to be made. However nothing could prepare her for the ultimate betrayal when someone close to her decides to methodically steal her identity and essentially become her. What will Alice do now that she is not the only Alice Love? Money, friends and perhaps even boyfriends may be up for grabs when a close friend tries to make the ultimate heist.

The Liberation of Alice Love is a great chick lit adventure with a touch of British flavor added in for extra fun. Think Bridget Jones…a little less overweight…less accident prone…and a bit more sensible – That’s Alice Love. We all have been there or know someone like Alice. They always make the smart responsible decision, don’t take  a gamble with much and live a happy life if a bit repetitive and boring at times. But what if that life were rocked to the point where you no longer could be that person? What would happen if your own identity revealed a person someone totally different than you without  you?

High quality racy lingerie, fun exotic cooking classes, new gym membership or even a new dedicated volunteer opportunity…what if your life was being lived for you- better than you were living it? Romance, travel, adventure & mystery all combine as we follow one woman’s journey  to be liberated from herself all while trying to reclaim her own identity as the real thing.



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