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British Babes Book Brigade: Royal Giveaways

The Royal Wedding of Prince William of England and Kate Middleton is only days away! Planning to watch the ceremony or do a DVR at 4 a.m. if you’re in the United States like myself? No matter how you plan to watch you must be excited…most of us romantics are. The authors of the British Babes Book Brigade from Sourcebooks certainly are and they are celebrating in grand fashion. Starting today they will be doing a giveaway every day until the big celebration on Friday. But these are no ordinary giveaways – these are royal wedding prize packs! Woo-hoo! Three random winners will be picked each day. So what are the prizes you ask?

  •  The 1st place winner will get a William & Kate wedding memento which will be different each day! Along with that they also get their choice of three books from any of our British Book Babes.
  •   The 2nd  place winner will have their choice of any two books from any of our British Book Babes.
  •   The 3rd  place winner will have their choice of one book from any of our British Book Babes.
With all this to offer how can you not visit their Facebook page to enter and take a gander? Also check out some of the amazing authors featured such as Amanda Grange, Abby McDonald and my personal favorite Jill Mansell. So head over now and join the Royal festivities.

Book Giveaway

As a special treat from Sourcebooks I am happy to get in on the wedding celebration as well with some wonderful British romance titles. Stiletto Storytime is excited to be giving away a copy of a Georgette Heyer work to two lucky winners. To enter just leave a comment below letting us know what you are most excited for with the new royal wedding day approaching. Is it the dress, the hair, the decadent ceremony or just the fantastical idea of becoming a true Princess? Share and enter to win.

Giveaway ends midnight EST April 29, 2011. US and Canada addresses only please. Winner will be chosen by and notified by e-mail address. Good Luck to all and Happy Reading!

Want extra entries? You can get an extra entry by doing any of the following:

Be/Become a Follower of Stiletto Storytime

Be/Become a Follower of Stiletto Storytime on Twitter

Be/Become a Follower of Sourcebooks on Twitter

Like the “British Babes Book Brigade” on Facebook

Tweet or Blog about the ”British Babes Book Brigade



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Dewey’s Read-A-Thon Mini-Challenge

Classic/Paranormal Tome Challenge

Welcome Dewey read-a-thon participants to Stiletto Storytime and a mini-challenge for this hour! You are all doing so well and indulging in some terrific books whether they be classics or paranormal or maybe even a combination of both. Recently we have seen an influx of books that bring together classical literature and something of the supernatural or otherworldly. SO… what better idea for a challenge than for you to come up with your own?

Quirk Classics has become well known for such titles as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, Android Karenina and the newest soon to be released The Meowmorphosis. So what do you think their next classic mash up should be? Well…that is your challenge if you choose to accept it.

Tell us below in a comment: include your title and a brief description. Also leave an e-mail at which to contact you if you are our lucky winner. One winner will be chosen at random to receive a Quirk Classics prize pack that will include all three Pride and Prejudice and Zombies books, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, Android Karenina and The Meowmorphosis.

The Meowmorphosis will be released May 10, 2011.

Good Luck and Happy Read-a-thon Reading from Stiletto Storytime & Quirk Classics.

And the twisted winner is…

Erin from Erin Reads.

If you want a nice chuckle here were a few of my personal favorite title entries:

Oliver Twisted: “Please, sir, I want some more brains.”

Gone with the Werewolves: “We all know Rhett Butler is a rogue. But did you know he’s also a werewolf?

Scarlett is about to find out…”

Ethan Frome Hell: “Ethan Frome is a tortured man but not why you think;

He’s actually part demon trying to redeem his dark past!”

Thanks to all who entered the mini-challenge and happy read-a-thon reading!

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Happy Haul-idays from Chronicle Books

Have you heard about Happy Haul-idays from Chronicle Books?

Well…if you haven’t then let me clue you in. This holiday season Chronicle Books has decided to give bloggers and their readers a great opportunity. Bloggers get to create a wish list of $500 worth of Chronicle Books that they would like to add to their collections. By posting about this giveaway and listing their “wish list”, bloggers are entered to possibly win their entire $500 choice of books. Not only that…any readers who leave a comment on their blog post are also entered to win the same $500 in books! That’s right $500 in books from Chronicle Books. Are you excited yet? I know I am. I have chosen a diverse and fun array of books sure to excite not only myself but my readers as well. So look over the list and see what fantastic titles are available for grabs. Then comment on what books you would most like to win off the list. Remember with just one comment…you could win all $500 worth of books! This is such a great event from a truly unique publisher. Good Luck to All! What a great Haul-iday for the winners!

Happy Haul-iday Haul from Chronicle Books

Cooking and Baking

I Love Macaroons by Hisato Ogita $14.95

CakePops by Bakerella $19.95

Cook It in a Cup!: Quick Meals and Treats Kids Can Cook in Silicone Cups by Julia Myall $16.99

Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston’s Flour Bakery + Cafe $35.00

Tartine Bread by Chad Roberston $40.00

D.Y.I. Delicious: Recipes and Ideas for Simple Foods from Scratch $24.95

How to Cook Like a Top-Chef $29.95

Children’s Books

Little Turkey: Finger Puppet Book $6.95

Little Bat: Finger Puppet Book $6.95

In My Patch: Finger Puppet Books $8.99

Little Crab: Finger Puppet Book $6.99

Create Your Own Planet: Doodle and Draw with Todd Parr $14.99

Show and Tell: Exploring the Fine Art of Children’s Book Illustration $24.99

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: A Classic Illustrated Edition $19.95

Peter Pan:  A Classic Illustrated Edition $19.95

Color & Count Placemats $10.99

Zoom by Simms Taback $4.99

Baby Flip-a-Face Cards: Look Baby $9.95

Julius by Paul Frank Alphabet Cards $14.95

Baby Animals on the Farm $8.95

Creature ABC by Andrew Zuckerman $19.99

Baby Face Nesting Blocks $19.99

Classic Horse Stories by Christina Darling $19.95

Eric Carle Animal Flash Cards $14.95

Adult Books

Silhouette Art by Vana Chupp $18.95

Mom’s One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book $16.95

Audrey Hepburn: International Cover Girl by Scott Brizel $45.00

*Don’t forget: Just leave a comment on this post about the book you are most interested in and you could win all $500 worth of books on my wish list! Also make sure to leave me a comment with your e-mail address so that I can contact the winner! Deadline to enter for this great giveaway is December 10th.





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ARCs for Sale?

On Saturday I went to one of my local library’s bi-annual book sales. While browsing through their sale stacks I came upon multiple ARCs for sale.  For those who don’t know ARC stands for (Advanced Reader’s Copy) meaning it is the pre-book sent out to reviewers and the like before the book is officially published. My guess is that these were either sent to librarians for review or picked up by library staff at conferences such as Book Expo America and the Amecian Library Association’s Annual Convention. As any reviewer will tell you selling ARCs is a big  “No, No” in our profession.

Book Bloggers recently addressed this topic at the Book Blogger Convention in NYC where Ron Hogan of spoke specifically on the subject.  He basically said what most of us Book Bloggers believe…that selling ARCs for profit: books we receive free but cost publishers to make and ship is wrong. Unless per say you are doing it to “feed a starving child”. Now this was kind of in jest but it’s the old adage that their is always a situation that will be unclear. So is it okay for a library to sell ARCs for profit to fund the library?

As a librarian seeing these ARCs at a library book sale bothered me. First of all most ARCs plainly say “Not for Sale” on the cover. One of the ARCs I found was one that I in fact had received myself, a copy of Holly Black’s White Cat. The library wanted $2.00 for the book. This is a fairly recent publication and a very popular YA book. A book I know a lot of teens would love to get their hands on. The library system itself only has four copies for eleven branches. Why had the book not been donated to the community in some way or given to a teen patron who would cherish it?

This has really bothered me in the past few days for many reasons. One is that I can’t help but wonder how many ARCS were in the multiple rooms of books available at that sale. Since I saw a few I can’t help but think that it was not by accident. Secondly as a librarian I was often faced with what to do with an ARC after I read it and after publication…I always gave it away in some way to patrons. Kids and teens love books, they don’t care if it’s an ARC. And working in a low income area public library, those ARCs were sometimes the only book in the house once proudly taken home by that child or teen. So should these ARCs have been given away to patrons, other reviewers, donated to shelters or was it perfectly acceptable for them to be sold by the library?

Many would argue that the current budget situations facing libraries is critical and every penny counts. Since the library system I formerly worked for has laid off hundreds of staff and cut hours (not however the same library as the library having this sale), I would be one to argue that too. However I still feel that selling these ARCs is wrong. I feel librarians should be leading by example and this was very offensive to me.  I would love to hear what others think about this…it is something I have never encountered and I am having a hard time getting it off my mind. Is or is it not okay for libraries to sell ARCs for in their library book sales?


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Book Expo America 2010

Book Expo America

Well I made it…Book Expo America 2010. This was my first BEA and my first trip to New York City and I have to say although I was not feeling my best the entire trip, it was still spectacular if a bit overwhelming.  I think when you feel unwell things of this nature take on a whole new level of anxiety. Luckily I am an old pro at ALA so I was pretty prepared for what the Exhibit Floor would be like (Complete Madhouse) and what was a priority on this trip (Meeting face to face with people who make what I do possible on a daily basis through the somewhat impersonal glory of  technology).

First off we signed in for our Press Badges and then hit the floor. Meeting with some wonderful publishers that I have worked with in the past and creating new relationships with some I hope to work more closely with in the future.  I was so excited to get to meet a great bunch of new authors and be introduced to some pretty exciting upcoming releases. As a children’s librarian I must say one highlight was my meeting with children’s author and illustrator Rosemary Wells.  She was extremely sweet and welcoming and I look forward to being able to work with her more in the future.  She has a great new release On the Blue Comet coming in September of 2010. Look out for a review here on Stiletto Storytime and a possible guest post by the amazing woman herself.

Children’s Author and Illustrator Rosemary Wells

BEA 2010

Other really interesting BEA events included meeting with the ladies at the Simon & Schuster booth and meeting lots of Independent Publishers who truly LOVE what they do. I always enjoy meeting people who are just as excited about books as I am especially if they are friendly as well. The ladies at Harper Perennial were also terrific and I loved stopping by and talking about Harper Lee and the 50th Anniversary of To Kill A Mockingbird. What a great booth and the celebration of a true classic. Also another instance where it is so nice to put a face to a name that you have been working with for quite awhile through e-mail. Thanks ladies, so very nice to meet you.

All in all I had a great time even if I did not have a packed schedule of events. I have found for myself I do best at these type of events by keeping things open and not trying to do too much. Crowds tend to do me in within a few hours so I don’t try to overdue it. It works for me and I loved the things I did get to see and do.  Book Expo America 2010 was a great experience for me and I look forward to next year.


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