It’s Another Happy Birthday Dearest Jane!


Happy Birthday to Jane Austen!

I am always reminded as I trim my tree with one special ornament flown in all the way from Bath, England ….It’s that time of year again. Once again it is time to celebrate the birth of my favorite and undoubtedly one of the most influential and talented authors in all of history: Ms. Jane Austen herself. I always love talking about Jane especially with other Janeites who love her just as much as I do…mostly because she seems to cross all barriers and holds such a dear place in my own heart. She is beloved around the world and even non-readers know her name and work through various forms of media that now make her even more immortal. She continues to inspire and create for one simple reason: she is truly timeless. Her work is such an exquisite study of human nature that it can fit in  any time period or place in history in which one might try and place it. Beyond that she continues to inspire writers today in amazingly large numbers whether their work be connected to her characters, herself or her memory. To help commemorate Ms. Austen’s birthday here at Stiletto Storytime I have invited two of my favorite Austen loving authors to share what Jane has meant to them personally. So fellow Janeites enjoy and do light a candle tonight in celebration while your peruse your favorite Austen masterpiece, giggle along with Bridget Jones or dream of Colin Firth….in any case have a fabulous Austen evening!

Happy birthday, dear Jane!  I wish I could give you a gift, for you’ve given me so many over the years, from six of the best novels a girl could ever ask for, to one of the best pieces of writing advice a girl could ever wish for:  

“Three or four families in a country village is the very thing to work on,” you counseled your niece a long time ago.  I hope you don’t mind that I took your words to heart, too.  They helped steer my Mother-Daughter Book Club series, which I set in my old hometown of Concord, Massachusetts — a village of which you would have heartily approved.  I had such fun writing those stories that I’m diving in all over again with a new book set in another village, the fictional town of Pumpkin Falls, New Hampshire.

So thank you, Jane, for blazing a trail for so many of us who have followed you, pen in hand.  We may never measure up to your inimitable genius, but we’ll nevertheless delight in every step of the way.

Respectfully yours,
Heather Vogel Frederick

What Jane Austen Means To Me…

Hmmm…tough question.  What Jane Austen means to me is almost indefinable, perhaps because she is so many things that I simply can’t consolidate.  She is wit, silliness, and romance—lovely, memorable romance—and certainly, she is comfort.  Her own novels bring back a simpler time, even with all the rules and restrictions.  And the fictions written by all of her fans offer another connection to that charming setting that was never truly imaginary: The World of Jane Austen.  She has infused her novels with such substance that they feel real and relevant even centuries later.  That is magic—she is magic, perhaps that’s the best way to describe what she means to me.  Jane has a sparkle that I hope will never dim in the eyes of the world’s readers.

Happy Birthday Jane!  No candles necessary—you’re glowing! ~Alyssa Goodnight

Jane Austen Birthday Celebration Giveaway

What would a birthday be without gifts? And thanks to these two truly fabulous ladies two lucky Stiletto Storytime winners will walk away with a little Austen themed literary goodness to help celebrate the occasion. One lucky winner will receive a copy of Pies & Prejudice by Heather Vogel Frederick and another lucky winner will receive a copy Austentatious by Alyssa Goodnight.

To enter please share below what Jane Austen has meant to you. When did she first come into your world? How did she make her entrance….do you think she’ll ever leave? 

Giveaway will end on December 23, 2012 at midnight EST. This giveaway is open to US/CAN addresses only please. Winners will be chosen by random number generator and notified by e-mail.

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45 responses to “It’s Another Happy Birthday Dearest Jane!

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    Followed on Twitter and subscribed 🙂

    I first read Jane Austen when I was in my first year of college in 1994, I took a literature class and absolutely fell in love with her writing. Her writing had comedy, tragedy, romance, everything you could possibly imagine. My favorite is Pride and Prejudice, but I love them all! Jane’s works are what ultimately inspired me to major in English Literature and I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree 🙂 Her works also inspired me to seek out other authors and their literature and I am a literature buff! Happy Birthday Jane Austen 😀

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  4. Jane Austen first entered my world, when I read Pies and Prejudice by Heather Vogel Frederick. Her entrance was quiet, but interesting. She surprised me on Christmas morning with Pride and Prejudice.

  5. Emily

    My mom and I read Pride & Prejudice together for the first time last year, even though I had seen the movie over and over again. I have to say, I’m just like Mrs. Hawthorne from the MDBC…. I love Mr. Darcy! Elizabeth, to me, is like a good old friend. Jane Austen’s books have a meaning to every one of them, and this one means not to prejudice another person. Happy birthday, Jane!

  6. Margay

    I actually became reacquainted with Jane through my older daughter. We watched the Keira Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice together and absolutely loved it, and then she read the book, which gave me the incentive to read it again. And I’m so glad I did, for it reminded me how much I love her stories!

  7. Margay

    I follow via email.

  8. I’ve been a fan of Jane’s since the 1995 P&P came out. I’ve seen it and most of the other films more times than I should probably admit to, but I’ve only recently started working my way through the books. I especially love her letters to Cassandra- she was as funny in real life as she was in her books! Jane’s always good for a laugh!

    • stilettostorytime

      Bess- I too adore her letters…I also really enjoyed “Lady Susan” which doesn’t often get the attention it should? If you haven’t, you should give it a try as well.

  9. Hey Courtney, Heather, and Alyssa! I’ll be re-blogging your awesome giveaway tomorrow (Tuesday, December 18) at 6am Central Time on my blog Oh, and I signed up to follow you by email too.

    • stilettostorytime

      Thanks so much Bess! We would love to get the word out as much as possible…to celebrate Jane and to also try and get two wonderful books into the hand of two new readers as well! I love her letters as well…I also adore “Lady Susan” which many people have not read. It’s a must for the true fan.

  10. Isabel S

    Jane has always been very present in my life – she’s my mom’s favorite author and I watched the movies before I could read. I read Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice at 13 and enjoyed them greatly. Whenever I’m upset, I turn to Sense & Sensibility again 🙂

  11. Josie

    I first heard about Jane Austen from my Godmother, and right away I knew that this person was definitely as historic as Abe Lincoln. She has given me a lot of guidance, and I certainly hope she always will. When I think about her my stomach curls in a ball of anticipation, and when I don’t feel that great I always reach for one of her books – it doesn’t even matter which one. I hope I can be as great an inspiration to someone as dear Jane has been to me. Happy Birthday, friend and sister.

  12. Bridget O'Neill

    I had seen the movies Emma, Sense and Sensibility, and Pride and Prejudice (the recent Kiera Knightley version) before I read any of Jane Austen’s books. I recently read Pride and Prejudice, and fell in love! After I read P & P, I had to watch the Colin Firth movie, and WOW! I have her other books on my Kindle, just waiting for me to read them, which I will do soon!

    I follow the blog, and follow you on twitter

  13. Jane Austen was introduced to me by Heather Vogel Frederick. Before every one of her MDBC books came out I made sure to research what each was on so I would feel included when I read each one. Jane Austen is such an inspiring author for girls of all ages and I feel if I had ever met her we would have gotten along so well!

    • stilettostorytime

      Cassie- You have just hit upon one of the main reasons I simply adore MDBC…not only does it encourage reading for an age group that often gets lost in television and Facebook but it does so in a way that it draws these girls and hopefully their mothers as well (another great asset of the series) into reading classical literature. It’s a genius strategy that has introduced many a new reader to authors like Jane Austen and timeless books like “Anne of Green Gables” and “Jane Eyre”. As I sit and read these responses I see quite a few who were led to Austen by way of MDBC….Bravo Heather!

  14. Alexandra

    Jane entered my life when I read the mother daughter book club. Sure, it didn’t say much, but in the next couple years I would like to read pride and prejudice (and pies and prejudice!). Thank you for this wonderful oppritunity!

  15. SusanD

    I was introduced to Jane Austen by the P&P show on A&E. After that I started to read her stories. I never read them in high school – we were usually stuck with the likes of Merchant of Venice – but now I find myself looking to her stories as a comfort read!

    I keep hoping that some day, in some estate in England, hiding in the attic rafters, one of her manuscripts will be newly discovered and we’ll get another story! Well, I can dream, can’t I? 🙂

  16. Kim

    My mom is a Pride and Prejudice fan, so I was introduced to Jane Austin through my mom. I have not yet read one of her novels but will be in the near future. Heather has been an inspiration for my recent interest in Jane Austin as well as with the MDBC series.

  17. Ginna

    Jane Austen has given me everything that I read! Since seeing the 1995 version of P&P, I’ve been hooked. I’ll never read anything else.

  18. Aafia

    Jane Austen first entered my world when I randomly found a copy of Pride and Prejudice on my bookshelf and I started reading it. Later on, I read Pies & Prejudice, and now I’m going to try to finish Pride and Prejudice (the old-fashioned language confused me).

    • stilettostorytime

      Aafia- Keep trying…the language can be difficult for some at first but since you know the general plot now that should help some. I have found that with each re-reading I find more that I missed countless times before. Every time I re-read “Pride and Prejudice” I feel like I understood it just a bit more and love it even more than before. Don’t give up…always give it another round and as time goes by it will get easier and easier until someday you won’t be able to imagine it was ever difficult to read. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Brooke

    I first read about Jane Austen when I read Pies & Prejudice and so I got curious about her books and I started reading Pride & Prejudice and my eyes are glued to the pages, I just love her.

  20. Tressa S

    The first book I read of Jane Austen’s was, of course, Pride and Prejudice. I fell in love immediately! All that witty banter and sarcasm made me laugh and the romance made me swoon. I’m a hopeless romantic. What can I say? I actually didn’t read it until after I graduated college, if you can believe it. I don’t know how I missed it, especially when I had read a lot of classics and several Dickens novels to the point. Since then I have read several of her books, although I still have a few of them to read (Persuasion, Mansfield Park, and Lady Susan). I’ve also read several books based off of her novels and have seen all the movie renditions and will continue to do so.

    I’m an email and twitter (@TresSherm) follower.

  21. ladysusanpdx

    I first read Pride & Prejudice when I was thirteen and have been reading and threading
    Jane Austen ever since. And that would be
    more than 50 years! While her books were
    the portal to all literature, she will always be
    my favorite. Her elegant language, lively characters, clever ironies are without

  22. Tatum

    I hadn’t read any Jane Austin until I read the mdbc series so this is the perfect blog post. I really liked what I have read of her books.

  23. I was introduced to Jane in college. I needed an english class and there was a course on reading Jane Austen’s books. I fell in love and she’s hung out with me ever since.

  24. follow you on twitter @atticgirl76

  25. Irene Menge

    My aunt gave me an anthology of Jane Austen’s works more than 50 years ago. I still have that volume and renew my acquaintance every few years.

  26. I first became acquainted with the provokingly beautiful works of Jane Austen sometime around the age of 13, when reading became the most comforting way to escape the chaos of my home life. As time went by we grew apart but my love of great works has lived on.Not so long ago a beautiful friend =) of mine reminded me of the comfort such books could still provide to me- specifically the works of the great Jane Austen. My daughter, sharing the same love for a good read has recently started reading books “with” me (we read the same book at the same time and have our own “book club” type chats) and we picked Pride and Prejudice for January. As I held the books in my hands, the smooth covers took me back and I immediately felt the familiar comfort that gave me a touchstone of light all those years ago during some of my darkest times. My hope is that both of my daughters will find the same comfort and inspiration in her work that I have.

    • stilettostorytime

      How beautiful…the gift of escape through literature is one of it’s most precious and the gift of reading passed down to a child is just as valuable. Thanks so much for sharing.

  27. Sophia

    I had heard about it from a friend.

  28. My introduction to Jane AUsten came as a copy of her complete works as a birthday gift from my husband early in my marriage. I enjoyed each right away, but truly became addicted when I first saw the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice! Collin Firth, swoon 😉

  29. Beth Ospalik

    She has some of the best books in the world

  30. Allie

    Started reading Jane Austin after reading Pies and Prejudice and though her books are a bit old fashioned they earned a place among my favorites.

  31. Emma

    Jane Austen entered my life when the 12-year-old me got it into her head that she would start reading classics. I went into my favourite book store and picked out what I had heard were the 3 greatest love stories of all time, Wuthering Heights, Romeo and Juliet, and of course, Pride and Prejudice. Since then I have read most of Jane Austen’s work, and Emma is one of my favourite books! I love Jane Austen and hope she never leaves my life, or my bookshelf! Her books make me laugh, gasp, sigh, but never cry. She is an outstanding author.

  32. munchkin

    I first read Jane Austen in middle school and have been in love ever since. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to read both books.

  33. I read Jane in high school, but it wasn’t till I discovered ‘Lost in Austen’ that I fell in love with her. Now, I try & read as much Austen novels as possible. Please enter me in the giveaway!

  34. Jane entered my life when I was 30 with a book club member who wanted to read the classics I picked up P&P and never let go, she will never leave my life in fact I hope to share her wonders with my 9 year old daughter some day. My favorite, I don’t like people to be so agreeable saves me the trouble of liking them!!! Go Jane thans so much for the giveaway I own Austentatious hoping to win Pies and Prejudice and I can say Love Love Austentatious wonderful book for this Janeite!!! Thanks so much for a chance to win!!!! Merry Christmas

  35. Jennifer Redlarczyk

    Aside from reading the originals, I have really enjoyed getting to know many new cyber friends who are just as JAFF crazy as I am.

  36. Patricia F.

    Jane Had entered my world in Colin Firths pride and pprejudice and a childrens show “wishbone” Once I saw them my world have been changed forever i got into reading my reading level went up higher than my classmates. 🙂

  37. Margaret

    I had a friend who was a huge Jane fan and tried to get me to read them. I did once and just couldm’t get into it. About a year or two later I tried again and loved it. Been hooked ever since. I think my taste in literarture matured a little and classics were not so daunting after that.

    -follower on twitter (at)LiteraryChanteu

    Thank you for the giveaway and Merry Christmas!

  38. stilettostorytime

    Wishing the very merriest of Christmas’ to all and the fabulous random number generator has chosen two lucky readers to win a special little something on this special day! Congratulations to Munchkin & BuddingButterfly (who is on a roll here at Stiletto Storytime by the way). Congratulations and enjoy to you both. Thanks again to everyone who entered, shared their Jane Austen love and participated in this great event!

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