Review & Giveaway: Wentworth Hall by Abby Grahame

The prettiest people often have the ugliest secrets…

“Eighteen-year-old Maggie Darlington has turned into an entirely different person. The once spirited teen is now passive and reserved. A change Lord and Lady Darlington can’t help but be grateful for.

It’s 1912, and the Darlingtons of Wentworth Hall have more than just the extensive grounds to maintain. As one of Britain’s most elite families, they need to keep up appearances that things are as they have always been… even as their carefully constructed façade rapidly comes undone.

Maggie has a secret. And she’s not the only one… the handsome groom Michael, the beautiful new French nanny Therese, the Darlingtons’ teenage houseguests Teddy and Jessica, and even Maggie’s younger sister Lila are all hiding something. Passion, betrayal, heartache, and whispered declarations of love take place under the Darlingtons’ massive roof. And one of these secrets has the power to ruin the Darlingtons forever.

When scandalous satires start appearing in the newspaper with details that closely mirror the lives of the Darlingtons, everyone is looking over their shoulder, worrying their scandal will be next. Because at Wentworth Hall, nothing stays secret for long.

Wentworth Hall is a lush historical novel by debut author Abby Grahame, which is spot-on perfect for fans of Downtown Abbey!”

First off let’s acknowledge that the number of Downtown Abbey fans that would fall in the teenage age range are probably few (sad but true right?)…however that’s exactly what this novel will remind you of and it works…in fact it works spectacularly. It’s one of those books that you pick up and you do not put down. I read it in one sitting and that can be hard for me to do with a pre-schooler controlling my reading privileges these days.

Enter the once grand estate of Wentworth Hall, a crumbling family residence teeming with the young, beautiful and rich of the Edwardian period (some admittedly only the once rich but shush….that’s a supposed to be a secret). Follow along as they navigate coming of age, the rough waters of young love and secret betrayals of today and years gone by. It’s a world that’s only too easy to fall deeply into within the first few pages. One would never guess this to be by a newbie author as it shines in all the right places. Abby Grahame’s sense of timing and pace are impeccable. The characters and setting are written to perfection and surprises seem to lie around every single Edwardian corner.

It’s a book for young adults who enjoy historical fiction and also adults who love young adult fiction and/or historical fiction. Readers that found bliss within the pages of The Luxe series will fall in historical love all over again. And with a cover  like that it’s got great shelf appeal and reader’s advisory potential. For those non-librarians….that means we can more than likely get it into a teen’s hands and out the door, fingers crossed they open the cover once that happens. But if they do open that cover and begin to read…I guarantee they’ll be hooked.

There is also hope of a continuance of some sort since many of the plot lines simply scream to be explored. It will intriguing to find what author Abby Grahame will do next, she is definitely one to watch. But don’t take my word for it…dip into the pages of Wentworth Hall by checking out an excerpt and enter to win your very own copy below.

 Fabulous Book Giveaway

 Oh, you know you want a copy and luckily I have two copies of this luxurious historical novel to give away to two US readers.  This double giveaway will end midnight EST May 14, 2012. The charmed winners will be chosen by random number generator and contacted by e-mail.

To enter just comment below and tell us what book, TV series or movie has you slightly obsessed right now. We all have our favorites…let’s share. Are you a “Downtown Abbey” fanatic? Do you crave “True Blood”? Hunger for The Hunger Games? Or live to follow every move on “The Game of Thrones”?

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57 responses to “Review & Giveaway: Wentworth Hall by Abby Grahame

  1. I LOVE Downton Abbey! This book sounds so good and as I was reading the description I thought how much it sounded like the series! I also like The Borgias, Fringe and loved The Tudors when it was on.

  2. I am an email subscriber (

  3. I was a slow-starter Downton Abbey fan, but I LOVED the first season (so did my husband!) I’m also hooked on the BBC’s Sherlock. It starts up again May 6th!

    I retweeted but have no idea how to show you the link…

  4. Jaycie

    I have loved Downtown Abbey from day one! My husband evens loves it! 🙂

  5. Meg S

    Loved Downton Abbey, but now I’m obsessed with Dance Academy. It’s an awesome Australian ballet show.

  6. stilettostorytime

    All of you guys that LOVE “Downtown Abbey”…I know you will really like “Wentworth Hall”!

  7. jpetroroy

    I adore Mad Men.

  8. Tressa S

    I’m mixed on Downton Abbey since some of the characters just really gall me and I don’t know how some of the others get taken in so easily. I’m a little behind in the series (with four kids I don’t always have time to watch all that much tv, especially since the husband isn’t interested in this show). I’m hoping for a happy ending with Mary and Matthew. Anyway, we are really into The Voice right now. Book wise I LOVED Edenbrooke and also The Maid of Fairbourne Hall (Klassen’s best yet). Thanks for the giveaway!

    +1 Email subscriber/follower.
    +1 Twitter follower @TreSherm

    • stilettostorytime

      Tressa- I too am behind in the series and hoping to get time to catch up…isn’t it amazing once you have a little one how you seem to be behind in everything? But they’re worth it right! Thanks for the book recommendations…I have not read either of those.

  9. I am obsessed with so many different tv shows. So many. Currently working on the new Avatar series (Legend of Korra) and Eureka!

    Downton Abbey is the freaking best. I CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE.

  10. Angie

    I am obsessed with Once Upon a Time and Castle. ABC is amazing.

  11. I’ve never seen Downton Abbey, if you can believe that. I can’t think of a book, movie, or TV show I’m obsessed with right now, but I am counting the days until college football starts again!

  12. samantha

    I love Downton Abbey!Great series

    great giveaway
    follow via gfc

  13. I think I prefer the Hunger Games 🙂

  14. GFC Krystal Larson edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

  15. carlrscott

    My wife and I are both glued to the TV series Nurse Jackie right now.

  16. carlrscott

    I follow SS by email: carlscott(at)prodigy(dot)net(dot)mx

  17. carlrscott

    I also follow on twitter: @carlrscott

  18. Margay

    My new obsession is Once Upon a Time – amazing show!

  19. Britt T.

    Like Margay, I’d have to go with Once Upon a Time! Count me in please.


  20. Amy S.

    Twitter follower: @kalbde

  21. Amy S.

    blog follower by email and I was once upon a time very obsessed with the TV show Alias. I was a superfan for sure. I still love it and will break out my DVDs every once in a while. I’m still waiting to find a spy TV show that I love as much as I did Alias. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Monja Blue

    Alas, Downtown Abbey it is!

  23. Monja Blue

    I follow SS by email, too!

  24. I’m hanging on to every last Desperate Housewives episode! So sad to see it go!

  25. I’m a follower!

    TaraTagli at gmail dot com

  26. I follow you on twitter!


  27. Hira Hasnain (Enamored Soul)

    I absolutely ADORE Masterpiece Classics, and Downton Abbey is one of my MOST favorites. Waiting for the next season to return is absolutely agonizing. In addition to that, I am COMPLETELY hooked onto Game of Thrones, which I follow religiously! Got HBO just for that show – and to my relief, as soon as the GoT season ends…True Blood begins; another show I can’t get enough of. I also adore Sherlock, for which, Season 2 kicks off tomorrow (Sunday). Yay! 😀 Hahaha…yeah, I’m pretty much a TV fanatic in addition to a book fanatic…lol 😛

    Name: Hira Hasnain
    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com

    • stilettostorytime

      Masterpiece Classics is my favorite as well…has been since I was a kid. I also love True Blood and can’t wait until June 10th to kick off the new season. I have been meaning to start watching and catch up on “Game of Thrones” but I think I am going to give reading it a try first…have you read “Game of Thrones” at all Hira?

      • Hira Hasnain (Enamored Soul)

        Yes, I’ve read the first book, but none after that. Sadly, the same is the case with my Hunger Games reading. I wanted to give the GoT books a read, however, the show has me SO totally absorbed – I wonder if it will be even worth it trying to read the books now. Yes, I’m dying until June 10th – I have Eric & Lafayette lol 😛

      • Hira Hasnain (Enamored Soul)

        and by “I have Eric & Lafayette”…I really meant “I have Eric & Lafayette withdrawal”…however, the former works too! 😉 hahaha

  28. Hira Hasnain (Enamored Soul)

    I’m an confirmed email subscriber to Stiletto Storytime.

    Name: Hira Hasnain
    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com

  29. Hira Hasnain (Enamored Soul)

    I’m a Twitter Follower of @StiletoStrytime

    Twitter handle: @inluvwithbookz

    Name: Hira Hasnain
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  30. Hira Hasnain (Enamored Soul)

    I TWEETED the giveaway:!/inluvwithbookz/status/198679451859562496

    Name: Hira Hasnain
    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com

  31. I’m a lot obsessed with the T.V. series Psych right now!

  32. I haven’t seen Downtown Abbey yet either, sigh. One of the many shows I am obsessed with right now is I Survived. I don’t know why, but I continue to watch it every day while I am home alone and then I am creeped out for the rest of the night LOL. Thank you for the excellent giveaway, can’t wait to read this one!


  33. Email subscriber


  34. Twitter follower @enterthedrew


  35. stilettostorytime

    It’s funny multiple people have mentioned “Once Upon a Time”…I meant to start watching that show when it first came out. (We don’t watch much TV with a pre-schooler in the house and what we do watch is DVR’ed.) But for whatever reason I didn’t. I am so happy to hear that it is a good show…might go back and try to find a way to catch up and start watching it. I have been getting a kick out of “Don’t Trust the “B” in Apt. 23″ lately…it cracks me up. Thanks to everyone for sharing their “obsessions”…keep it up!

  36. I am obsessed with Dr. Who right now! Thanks for the giveaway.

    I am also a follower on WordPress as Jaime (Twisting the Lens)

  37. This sounds like it would take the reader back to the time of Downton Abbey which I am always pleased to visit. Since Downton has captured my attention in the same manner. We do watch Game of Thrones but it is no substitute.

  38. Bridget O'Neill

    Definitely Hunger Games for me! I saw the movie twice, and am re-reading the first book.

    I am a follower of Stiletto Storytime

    I follow on Twitter (bridgetoneill1)

  39. I have a slight obsession with Howards End right now. I know, I’m a little late since the book has been around forever, not to mention the movie. LOL! But anyway, this book sounds delish! Thank you for the chance to win.

  40. I follow your blog.

    I follow you on Twitter. (MmeJennifly)

  41. And also tweeted! (Well, RT’d your tweet.)

  42. Kelli H.

    I am obsessed with Downton Abbey! I’m not sure how I am going to wait so many months for season three, but I bet this book would help pass the time! Thanks for the giveaway!!=)

  43. I find that lately I don’t watch much TV (it doesn’t help that I am in the middle of finals season). But despite my busy schedule, I still procrastinate to watch Once Upon A Time (my new obsession, I final gave in..and fell in love), How I Met Your Mother, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (hey, that guy is HILARIOUS!).

    I’m already a follower by email (

    Followed you on Twitter as @lilboxism.

    and Tweeted:

    Lilian @ A Novel Toybox

  44. I love Downton Abbey. Recently I have been obsessed with Sherlock on Masterpiece Mystery, Whitechapel on BBC America and Game of Thrones on Showtime. Thanks for the giveaway chance Courtney.

  45. LisaILJ

    Right now I am loving Sherlock, and of course I adore Downton Abbey. Thanks for the giveaway!
    leyser73 at gmail dot com
    follow on twitter: @LisaLLibrarian

  46. luvdaylilies

    Downton Abbey, absolutely!
    I also follow via twitter as Luvdaylilies
    Thanks so much for a fantastic giveaway~
    Luvaylilies at bellsouth dot net

  47. Donna McCabe

    My currrent – OK, for more than a year – has been the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I have recently gotten hooked on Downton Abbey as well!

  48. Donna McCabe

    forgot to add, I’m a follower of Stiletto Storytime as well.
    Thanks for the giveaway. I love finding new authors & books!!

  49. mamabunny13

    I am currently crazy for The Huger Games!
    I follow by email
    I follow on twitter @mamabunny13

    mambunny13 at gmail dot com

  50. stilettostorytime

    Today is the day….our lucky winners for a copy of “Wentworth Hall” are….Jen Miller and Luvdaylilies. Congrats ladies! Happy Reading!

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