Review: Carly’s Voice: Breaking Through Autism by Arthur Fleischmann with Carly Fleischmann

   Carly and Taryn Fleischmann’s parents had the same hopes and dreams of every loving parent when their twin daughters were born. However shortly after their birth those dreams came crashing down as the days passed and they noticed the differences between their two beautiful girls.  Taryn reached and surpassed each typical developmental milestone such as crawling and interacting with the environment and individuals around her but Carly seemed to be lost in a world of her own unable to complete even simplest of tasks and without the means to communicate even the most basic of needs.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity of consulting countless numbers of doctors and specialists, the Fleischmanns were devastated to be informed that Carly was severely autistic. The family was told their daughter would probably never talk or advance much past the intellectual abilities of a small child. Despite the odds against them the Flesichmanns sacrificed to pursue a course of aggressive therapy and intervention to help their daughter to achieve all she could in life. While hopeful Carly’s parents prayed for the best but they also had to accept that life would never be easy and every day would be a battle against an unseen enemy that held their daughter in it’s clutches.

Miraculously at the age of ten after a decade of almost no communication with those closest to her, Carly astounded everyone by typing onto a laptop.  It was a defining moment in her life in which she came out of a world of silence and truly engaged with the people around her. Through hard work and perseverance what was once one word became two and then sentences emerged.  Carly had a voice.

Today Carly is an inspiring young woman who offers a glimpse into a life lived with autism as she shares her experiences and thoughts with the entire world through the Internet and social media. Through her remarkable journey she has become a national figure as she explores every aspect of what it means to be autistic within her writing. Witty, sarcastic and yet heartfelt Carly’s words show personality and intellect while shining with her strength and determination.  Coming from a person who once held all her thoughts inside with no outlet, every word from Carly is precious and full of meaning. She is truly a figure of hope to those within the autism community as she shows that the impossible can happen and to never give up on our children no matter their diagnosis or the challenges they face.

Carly’s Voice offers readers an inside look at the isolating condition known as autism from both a family and personal perspective as father and daughter collaborate to share their experiences. Readers are given a truthful and raw look at the every day lives of families and individuals living with autism. It is especially poignant as a story of endurance and hope for those who battle autism on a daily basis.

Today Carly attends a mainstream high school where she in enrolled in gifted classes. Her writing and outreach to the world have made her a unique and powerful advocate for autism.  Carly’s Voice is yet another outlet for both Carly and the Fleischmann’s to share their story while empowering parents and individuals living with autism to never give up. Informative and educational it is also a spectacular resource for those wanting to learn more about autism from those who live it firsthand.

You can visit Carly at here own website here.


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  1. Carly sounds like an inspirational young woman.

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