Femininity on Friday: Tout Sweet by Karen Wheeler

     Have you ever dreamed of just picking up one day and escaping? A long holiday or even possibly relocating to somewhere you’ve always dreamed of? Perhaps for you the stress of day-to-day life is just too much all of the sudden and you feel the need to get away or maybe an event in your life is just too much to handle and you need a drastic change…for good. Some girls may depend on retail therapy on those days…they may go buy a new dress or that perfect pair of oh so expensive red bottomed shoes. That unexpected break-up may even send them off to the hairdresser to chop their hair into that liberating bob or daring pixie cut but not Karen Wheeler. Karen moved to France. Lucky for us she chronicles her adventures in the new book Tout Sweet.

After her break-up with the man she considered to be “the one”, Karen found nothing in her life truly made her happy. She had the job dreams are made of in fashion, a closet full of only the best name brands and a cushy London flat and yet she still felt…nothing. What could be missing? While on holiday with friends in a small village in France, she found what she thought she might be looking for in a crumbling house that just happened to be for sale. She bought it then and there. Tout Sweet is her story of settling in, settling down and finding just what life is made of outside the hustle and bustle she once lived.

Funny, fashionable and honest Wheeler will keep you reading page by page as she relates her relocating experiences including the renovation of her home, making new (if somewhat older) friends and the never-ending search for Mr. Right. It’s the perfect book to escape into even if you can’t pick up and move to France. And best of all…Wheeler never forgets to tell us what fabulous ensemble she is wearing. Don’t worry she packed plenty of stilettos! So grab a glass of wine and head to France on a whim with Karen in Tout Sweet.


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One response to “Femininity on Friday: Tout Sweet by Karen Wheeler

  1. Having lived in France, I know it’s not all that glamorous, but I still think this sounds like a lot of fun!

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