Happy Birthday to Georgette Heyer

Happy 109th Birthday to Georgette Heyer

Today is the day. Today would be Georgette Heyer’s 109th birthday. “Georgette Heyer’s Gems of August” so far has been a great event with lots if discussion and participation. I want to thank all those who have followed along and especially those that have helped me make it happen. However it is not over yet, we still have half the month left to fill with creative guest posts, thoughtful guest reviews and those great prize pack giveaways from Sourcebooks. Speaking of Sourcebooks-they too are celebrating the birthday of Georgette Heyer with a spectacular E-Book deal that is not to be missed. What a perfect time to stock up on Heyer works especially  the ones you’ve been reading about so far this month. So go ahead fill your Kindle, Nook…etc and read some Heyer to celebrate!

Sourcebooks is offering 46 of Heyer’s works plus the amazing Georgette Heyer’s Regency World  at only $1.99 an E-Book

(Sourcebooks E-Book offer available August 15- 21st only.)


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday to Georgette Heyer

  1. Colleen Turner

    Happy happy birthday Ms. Heyer! It is obvious that her books have brought much joy to those who have read her books and have come to love her. While I haven’t started reading any of her books yet, I did discover that I had one in my ginormous “to be read” stacks: Charity Girl. Has anyone read this one yet? Does anyone have any favorites? I love historical fiction so it sounds like many of these are geared towards that.

  2. Mary Preston

    Happy Birthday to Georgette Heyer. I hope she knew how much her work was, & is, loved.


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