British Babes Book Brigade: Royal Giveaways

The Royal Wedding of Prince William of England and Kate Middleton is only days away! Planning to watch the ceremony or do a DVR at 4 a.m. if you’re in the United States like myself? No matter how you plan to watch you must be excited…most of us romantics are. The authors of the British Babes Book Brigade from Sourcebooks certainly are and they are celebrating in grand fashion. Starting today they will be doing a giveaway every day until the big celebration on Friday. But these are no ordinary giveaways – these are royal wedding prize packs! Woo-hoo! Three random winners will be picked each day. So what are the prizes you ask?

  •  The 1st place winner will get a William & Kate wedding memento which will be different each day! Along with that they also get their choice of three books from any of our British Book Babes.
  •   The 2nd  place winner will have their choice of any two books from any of our British Book Babes.
  •   The 3rd  place winner will have their choice of one book from any of our British Book Babes.
With all this to offer how can you not visit their Facebook page to enter and take a gander? Also check out some of the amazing authors featured such as Amanda Grange, Abby McDonald and my personal favorite Jill Mansell. So head over now and join the Royal festivities.

Book Giveaway

As a special treat from Sourcebooks I am happy to get in on the wedding celebration as well with some wonderful British romance titles. Stiletto Storytime is excited to be giving away a copy of a Georgette Heyer work to two lucky winners. To enter just leave a comment below letting us know what you are most excited for with the new royal wedding day approaching. Is it the dress, the hair, the decadent ceremony or just the fantastical idea of becoming a true Princess? Share and enter to win.

Giveaway ends midnight EST April 29, 2011. US and Canada addresses only please. Winner will be chosen by and notified by e-mail address. Good Luck to all and Happy Reading!

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41 responses to “British Babes Book Brigade: Royal Giveaways

  1. Jennifer Grant

    I am most interested to see who is invited and who is not invited! As well, I remember Diana stumbling a bit on all of Prince Charles’ many middle names… will Kate do the same? I follow you on Twitter, subscribe here – all of it!

    • stilettostorytime

      I am excited for the event in some ways simply because I have always seen the snippets and heard tales of the wedding of Diana & Charles…however it was in February of 1981 and I was not born until much later that year. I’m excited to see it all. Thanks for sharing Jennifer!

  2. Rebecca Booth

    I am excited for the event because I hope Prince William of England and Kate Middleton have a beautiful wedding and a long happy life together.

  3. Michele L

    My daughter and I can’t wait to see her dress. They seem truly happy together, so I’m excited to see their ceremony, too.

    • Michele L

      I follow you on GFC: Michele
      on Twitter: @rlawrence110
      Sourcebooks on Twitter: @rlawrence110
      and British Babes Book Brigade on FB: Michele Caldwell Lawrence

  4. I’m most excited/pleased that Kate, after waiting all these years, will finally get to marry her prince. It had to be awful, with the press calling her “Waity Katy” and laying odds on whether he’d actually ever marry her. I just hope that they get the HEA his parents didn’t.

    • stilettostorytime

      I agree…I do hope they get a “Happily Ever After”…after the tragedy William has endured in his life and what Kate has gone through for her relationship with him….they deserve it.

  5. Julie Witt

    I want to see the dress, the guests, what the guests are wearing, mostly the fashion and the pomp and circumstance!

  6. Julie Witt

    I follow you on Twitter.

  7. Julie Witt

    I follow you on Google Friends and by email.

  8. Julie Witt

    I followed Sourcebooks on Twitter.

  9. Julie Witt

    I liked the “British Babes Book Brigade” on Facebook.

  10. I am looking forward to the dress! I love wedding dresses and so curious to see what she is wearing! Also I want to see what everyone else is wearing!
    I am a subscriber to your blog!

    kopsahl48 AT gmail DOT com

  11. I’m looking forward to seeing it all. It’s not everyday that you get to see a royal wedding. I can’t wait to see the dress, the church, and who’s going to be attending this event. I subscribe to your blog via email. I follow you and sourcebooks on twitter (@2readornot2read) I also like the brittish babes book brigade on fb. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  12. Laura H.

    I can remember 30 years ago getting up at 3:00 AM to watch “Mums and Dad” get married. So it’s only fitting that I watch Wills get married too! I’m excited because I’m taking the day off to watch the Royal Wedding and all its pomp and circumstance and I just like all things royal. Just think….one day you’re a commoner and the next day you wake up and you’re the future Queen of England. I mean how cool is that??!?!?

  13. Laura H.

    Already follow via e-mail.


  14. Laura H.

    Already follow on Twitter @MamaHendo3.


  15. Laura H.

    Follow Sourcebooks on Twitter @MamaHendo3.


  16. Laura H.

    “Liked” British Babes Book Brigade” on FB (Laura G. Henderson).


  17. I think it will just be fun to re-visit the whole royal-watching thing. I used to be crazy about that stuff. It will be fun to relive the enthusiasm. And these two really seem to love and respect each other.

    Thanks for the contest. I liked British Babes Book Brigade, and I’m following stiletto storytime – looks like a fun site – and sourcebooks, too, on twitter.


  18. I wasn’t born until 1985, and did not get to see Prince Charles & Princess Diana’s wedding, until excerpts of it were shown when she passed away! Which was really sad, because I got to see her (not meet her, just see her in person) when she toured Pakistan in 1996.

    I am most interesting in seeing how Kate will handle herself under all that scrutiny. But not to see if she will fail, but to cheer and hope that she does not. Diana was an AMAZING princess, a princess of the people – and I hope Kate will continue that legacy! 🙂

    I’m a confirmed Email Subscriber.

    GFC Follower: Enamored Soul
    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @inluvwithbookz

    • stilettostorytime

      Thanks for sharing Hira….I too was too young for the original wedding. I really approve of Kate…she seems to have a good head on her shoulders, class and maturity. I think she will absolutely show the world a “lady” on her wedding day!

  19. +1 I’m a twitter follower.

    GFC Follower: Enamored Soul
    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @inluvwithbookz

  20. I follow Sourcebooks on Twitter.


    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @inluvwithbookz

  21. I “liked” the “British Babes Book Brigade” on Facebook

    Facebook Follower: Hira Hasnain
    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @inluvwithbookz

  22. +1 I tweeted the giveaway:


    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @inluvwithbookz

  23. Felicia

    I saw the wedding of Charles and Diana when I was a freshman in high school and became a big fan of Diana’s. So I just have to see her son get married. I have a feeling I’ll be crying through the whole service thinking of his mother. Of course there is Kate’s dress, I can’t wait to see her wedding gown.

    I’m a follower of Sourcebooks, I “like” the British Babes Book Brigade, I follow Stiletto Story time on twitter.


  24. I’m most excited about the entire ceremony. I love British traditions.

  25. Tina

    Thanks for the chance to win! I’m most excited for the dress.

    melodiousrevelry (at) gmail (dot) com

  26. I am starting to get more and more excited as they show more about the wedding on tv. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  27. Marilyn

    I am happy that William found someone who really loves him and that loyalty and love means something to him. It was apparently a great wish of his Mother’s for William. So Friends and I are going to do finger foods, crumpets, the works and enjoy the glass Carriage, the ceremony, the guests and the whole English Wedding that boy do the British Royals know how to do!

    • stilettostorytime

      Oh Marilyn….how fun! I am jealous of your crumpets…make sure to save a cucumber sandwich for me (they are my fav). Have a great time!

  28. I’m excited because it’s the first televised royal wedding I’ll really get to watch. Everything about it interests me–the dress, the carriages, the pageantry–I can’t wait!

    I get the blog through RSS, follow both you and Sourcebooks on Twitter, and I liked the British Babes Brigade on Facebook.

    nkelley.writes AT gmail DOT com

  29. I am most looking forward to seeing the hats that the guests will be wearing. I hope they are really fanciful.

    Already ‘liked’ BBBB. Would love to win one of these books to give to my mom for Mother’s day.

  30. Lovely giveaway!

    I can’t wait to see the dress, but I think it’s more the pageantry that really does it for me. It’s a little piece of happy history. 🙂

  31. I am excited about everything – the guests, the dress, the pomp. I can’t wait to watch it. I was only three when Charles and Diana were married, and I don’t remember watching it. I’m excited to be watching William and Kate and hope that they have a happy ending.

  32. I’m looking forward to watching the event with my daughter and son. We’ve been reading princess themed books all week in celebration. We are especially curious about the dress. My daughter is about the same age as I was when I watched Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding.

  33. JC

    I loved every minute of the wedding…the dress was amazing. Thanks for the giveaway. I follow Stiletto Storytime. I follow on Twitter as well.

  34. stilettostorytime

    Congratulations to Michele L and JC who have each won a copy of a Georgette Heyer “surprise” title! Thanks to all who entered and helped celebrate the Royal Wedding of a lifetime! Good Luck on future giveaways and as always Happy Reading!

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