Dewey’s Read-A-Thon Mini-Challenge

Classic/Paranormal Tome Challenge

Welcome Dewey read-a-thon participants to Stiletto Storytime and a mini-challenge for this hour! You are all doing so well and indulging in some terrific books whether they be classics or paranormal or maybe even a combination of both. Recently we have seen an influx of books that bring together classical literature and something of the supernatural or otherworldly. SO… what better idea for a challenge than for you to come up with your own?

Quirk Classics has become well known for such titles as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, Android Karenina and the newest soon to be released The Meowmorphosis. So what do you think their next classic mash up should be? Well…that is your challenge if you choose to accept it.

Tell us below in a comment: include your title and a brief description. Also leave an e-mail at which to contact you if you are our lucky winner. One winner will be chosen at random to receive a Quirk Classics prize pack that will include all three Pride and Prejudice and Zombies books, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, Android Karenina and The Meowmorphosis.

The Meowmorphosis will be released May 10, 2011.

Good Luck and Happy Read-a-thon Reading from Stiletto Storytime & Quirk Classics.

And the twisted winner is…

Erin from Erin Reads.

If you want a nice chuckle here were a few of my personal favorite title entries:

Oliver Twisted: “Please, sir, I want some more brains.”

Gone with the Werewolves: “We all know Rhett Butler is a rogue. But did you know he’s also a werewolf?

Scarlett is about to find out…”

Ethan Frome Hell: “Ethan Frome is a tortured man but not why you think;

He’s actually part demon trying to redeem his dark past!”

Thanks to all who entered the mini-challenge and happy read-a-thon reading!





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54 responses to “Dewey’s Read-A-Thon Mini-Challenge

  1. I know this probably won’t sound very original, but it’s the best I could do on short notice. I’m taking many liberties with this story.^_^

    Robinson’s Curse:
    Marooned on a island and left to die the cursed Robinson Crusoe, whose very touch causes shear madness and a slow painful death,
    grapples with the madness that has been consuming him since he killed…

    That’s the best I could come with at this late hour… o_O
    The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

  2. Jen

    I haven’t read any of these cross overs yet, but maybe Grapes of the Demon’s Wrath

    Jane the Eerie
    Jane Eyre & the Shifter

    Like the other poster, it’s late and my creative juices aren’t flowing normally 🙂

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  4. Gone with the Werewolves: We all know Rhett Butler is a rogue. But did you know he’s also a werewolf? Scarlett is about to find out…

    erinreadsblog {at} gmail {dot} com

  5. An Easter Carol….
    A very evil and stingy rabbit has been keeping all the really good Cadbury Egg’s for himself (yup – the ones with the caramel in the middle…. I know right?)
    Then one night while he is sleeping in his rabbit hole he is visited by three ghosts – the ghost of Easter past, Easter present, and Easter future…. after the three ghosts beat up the Evil stingy rabbit – they steel all his Cadbury eggs for themselves. 😉

  6. Little Vampires?


    Little women vampires?

    I don’t know if I am doing this right 🙂

  7. any idea where the music theme Mini is at? thx 🙂

  8. A Room With A View of Undead Monsters
    The Killiad
    The Secret Garden of Death

    Okay not the most creative … but I tried 🙂


  9. Creatures in Wonderland! (What? It’s hour 17… how active is my brain supposed to be?)
    Instead of Alice falling down the rabbit hole, a whole slew of paranormal creatures do instead (presumably because they were all at the same “Paranormal Monterousness 101 Conference”), and end up in Wonderland. Can’t you just see it now? The Vampires duking it out with the Queen of Hearts, the Werewolf following the rabbit (presumably to eat him, but still…), and the Zombies getting on with the mad hatter. Sounds like a grand ol’ time, doesn’t it? XD

  10. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Demon Slayer

    You think Jim and Huck had adventures before. Now they’re on the tail of some wicked demons from hell and their leader is none other than Huck’s evil father who went to hell for his crimes against man and his son and came back a demon. Can Huck and Jim vanquish these demons before they eat their souls and the souls of everyone in the town?

    Fun, fun mini-challenge! Thanks. 🙂


  11. THE ALIAD, by L. Ron Homer

    Things aren’t looking so good for the city of Troy. Paris has kidnapped not-so-fair Helen the Extra-Terrestrial, whose face launched a thousand spaceships. Her husband, Menalienus, along with thousands of his fellow Alien Argives (include Akillees, the infamous Martian) have traveled light-years to retrieve her. Will the Trojans fall victim to the not-so-little green men? Can Hector overcome Akillees’s alien rage? Will Paris be able to successfully navigate Helen’s strange extra-terrestrial anatomy? Read on to find out!

  12. I think you should do a book called the alien of the jungle

  13. Jane Were (as in wereworld). Jane Eyre would actually be a werewolf, etc. Great challenge. Sorry I am not too creative!

  14. Heather M.

    My brain is slowly shutting down. haha
    Great Deathpecations
    Vampire Island

  15. Romeo & Juliet & Monsters

    Romeo and Juliet’s family are still fighting. But this time, instead of fighting each other, they’re fighting monsters.

  16. A Little Poltergeist. There is something very strange about Sara Crewe’s stories …

  17. I’d like to see a match up of Vanity Fair + Faeries.

    What happens to Victorian Upper-Crust life when devious, demented little Faeries start meddling in the affairs of mortals? Wars are won & lost, romances are enflamed & doused … it’s all happening in Vanity Faeries.

    Thanks for the chance!

  18. Far from the Madding Crowd of Zombie
    Tess of the d’Urbervilles, Vampire Slayer
    Age of Innocence Killings
    House of Mirth for Demon Hunters

    Yeah, I’m not too good at this…. but such a fun idea challenge.

    missie at

  19. MartinaCK

    Ahhh, Withering Heights? A Tale of Two Shape Shifters….? Imagine if characters could turn into other characters. The plots would be endless.

    Okay, pretty lame. I’m getting tired… lol

  20. The Physic Count of Monte Cristo- not only will he get revenge on those that had him falsely imprisoned, but he will READ THEIR MINDS!


    The Last of the UnDead Mohicans- they might be only a few left, but they can’t be killed!

  21. myragarcesbacsal

    Ok, let me try my hand at this: Wuthering Twilight or Alice in Wonderland gets a Dragon Tattoo. Hehe. =)

  22. megan

    Hedda Gobbler-You already know Hedda is a bad girl, a very bad girl, but when she isn’t playing role of evil bored housewife she out on one of her flesh-eating rampages.

    Boy it’s late and that is kind of disturbing!

  23. Jex

    All Quiet on the Graveyard Plot (All Quiet on the Western Front) – war heros meet zombies? I think so.
    Lord of the Damned (Lord of the Flies) – I always knew there was something wrong with that island…
    The Old Man and the Sea Monster (Old Man and the Sea) – I know, not very creative
    That’s about the best I can do right now.


  24. Ever read Jungle Book? How about Mowgli’s Ship-Book. After being abducted as a child by Aliens, and thus raised by them to eventually be a ships Captain; Mowgli decides to write his auto-biography and sell it to the humans.

  25. Katie

    The Sound and The Furies

    A southern family is punished by the mythological Goddesses of vengeance for their racism, avarice, and selfishness.

  26. How about “The Phantom of the Opry”?

    Kristie is a rising country music star, but she’d be nothing without the nudie suit wearing “phantom” of the Grand Ole Opry. Who is this man who’s face is always partially hidden behind a 10-gallon hat? Is he a ghost, an angel, or just some washed up country music start trying to reclaim the spotlight? And what will he do when new Opry owners try to rent out his favorite pew?

    Not great, but my mental capacity is compromised 😉


  27. I am not a fan of the paranormal but will give this a shot. Alice in Twighlight Land

    The Wizard, The lion and the Universe

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  29. Cheesy it may be, but…
    Madame Brainy (Madame Bovary…)
    An unsuspecting doctors wife is attacked by a creature of the night. All of a sudden she is filled with the cannabalistic desires of old ghost tales and nothing can stop her from using her feminine wiles to get what she wants… Brainssssss.

  30. Ever since I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies I have been yearning for a Catcher In the Rye + Zombies.

    Undead In The Rye?
    “I’m Holden Caulfield. Everyone’s phony. Whine whine whine. AAAUGH a Zombie!” Chomp. Munch. Braaaains.
    The end.

    Yeah. I hated that book when I had to read it in high school. I am all in favor of Holden getting et by the undead.

  31. I’m going to go with The Secret Gorgon – Mary Lennox’s move to her uncle’s secluded house unveils more than just hidden flowers…

  32. Ethan Frome Hell: Ethan Frome is a tortured man but not why you think; He’s actually part demon trying to redeem his dark past!?! LOL! I would totally read that story! 🙂


  33. Ok – I’m tired but I’ll give it a shot –

    The Picture of Dorian Graywolf
    The Grapes of Wraith
    Count Dracula of Monte Cristo
    White Fang, Shapeshifter

    Ok – they are getting cornier and cornier – time to stop.

    kherbrand at comcast dot net

  34. How about The Woman in White with the Chupacabra? Heh.

  35. BooksDevoured

    Alice in Zombieland!
    I actually think that sounds like a fun read! Maybe it is just late and I will feel embarrassed about this in the morning! Haha

  36. Expectastien
    A mix of under the sea and Great Expectations.

    Pip is a young orphaned boy who is brought in to an old woman’s house to be a playmate to the young lady she has just adopted. But she actually made Estelle out of the parts of young girls she has paid the gravedigger to dig up for her. Pip must rescue himself from the clutches of the mad woman and save the horrible but gentle creature she has created.

  37. I’m not a paranormal fan, but here goes:

    A Tale of Two Cities and Fairies

    It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Two fairies sense each other’s presence in two neighboring cities. Through the help of friends and paranormal activity, they finally meet and join forces.

    LiteraryMarie {at} gmail {dot} com

  38. Mer

    Three Wyrd Sisters – a sequel to the Chekhov play melded with Macbeth. After the soldiers march away, an old woman hears Olga’s plea, “If we only knew… If we only knew.” She offers to tutor them in the black arts and they become witches – their first act is to wrest control of the family home back from Natasha.

  39. mervih

    The Three Musketeers, the Vampyre Slayers. That seems pretty natural for the four swordsmen.

  40. Oliver Twist, Zombie Hunter: Oliver, an orphan, finally finds where he is meant to be. He becomes an apprentice for the city’s zombie hunter. He enjoys his duties being able to take out his frustrations of being left without parents and having to live in the Poor House for a time. But how does he deal with the findings that his father is still alive, or is he? Find out what Oliver chooses by reading this action-packed commentary on English life in the 1800’s.

  41. Tess of the d’Urbervampires

    Tess is a lovely maiden who needs to go out to make money for her family. When she leaves the family cottage (hut) she’s told the terrible secret of her ancestry: she’s a vampire! No wonder she likes sucking pigs’ blood!

    One by one, stately homes are losing their prominent members until she meets the d’Urbervilles, whose son Alec starts preying on her instead.

  42. Alice, Vampire slayer. Crossover between Buffy and Alice in wonderland 😉

  43. I really think someone should write a paranormal mash-up of Persuasion. I propose we call it The Devil’s Persuasion, with Anne’s father and sister as spawns of the Devil.

  44. Jane Eyre: Invasion of the Body-Snatching Fairies:

    Not only has Jane discovered Mr. Rochester is hiding his wife in the attic, she now also has to deal with the fact a fairy has taken said wife’s place and is trying to steal Mr. Rochester back, pretending to have gained her sanity back. Armed with an iron broom, Jane is determined to wipe the house clean of the little man-stealer!

    I love the mash-ups! I read Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter and it was hilarious!


  45. David Copperfield Magician!
    A young mans struggle through life and the persuit of his magical heritage.

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  47. Oliver Twisted .

    “Please, sir, I want some more brains.”

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  50. What a fun mini challenge! Congrats to Erin!

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