Review: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks small town of Southport, North Carolina is as quiet as they come. It’s the perfect place to relax for a weekend or just get away and that’s exactly what newcomer Katie has done. Young and attractive Katie tries not to draw attention to herself. Her new neighbors think her somewhat quiet, a bit withdrawn and always shy.  Often she seems to wither under questioning and even friendly exchanges seem to make her nervous but she’s a hard worker and seems nice enough.  When she lets down her guard Katie is really quite charming. However her guard is rarely down.

What happens when the person you love turns into a monster you fear? When the man who swore to protect you from the world becomes the one you need protection from? When you’re a fresh face in a small town southern hospitality makes it hard to remain a stranger for long and although she tries to avoid others Katie soon finds herself making friends such as her quirky neighbor Jo and perhaps even finding love with a local widower. Alex and his two young children are everything Katie has ever dreamed a marriage and family could be. Recovering from the loss of his wife Carly, Alex is a loyal man with strong values and a heart of gold. Entering their world she finds herself not only falling in love but also truly discovering who she is in a life without fear. But can she ever really breath easy when disaster for everyone near her could be just around the corner?

In a stunning novel about the dark side of love and marriage, Nicholas Sparks brings to life one of his most poignant characters and also one of his most sinister.  Detailing the horrors of domestic violence, Sparks creates a stunning novel full of surprises and edge of the seat suspense. Devotees of Sparks will find this new work a little darker than what they might expect while new readers will instantly be wrapped up in the saga of a woman searching for safety and love. While some think Sparks formulaic, there is no denying his stories after more often than not engrossing and rich with regional detail and emotional connections. Safe Haven is sure to be yet another Sparks’s bestseller but it also shows a darkness that many may find new to his writing. It’s a book that not only entertains but also informs and brings to light an all to real horror.

Check out Nicholas Sparks site to see a video about the release of Safe Haven & why people love his writing.



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2 responses to “Review: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

  1. That does sound dark for a Sparks novel. Glad to see you enjoyed it.

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