Review: The Intern by Jess C. Scott “A 17-year-old intern must choose between trusting an irresistibly suave dance instructor—or her instincts. SINS07 is a series featuring lighthearted tales that explore each of the seven sins in order, beginning with lust.”

The Intern is the first in a new young adult series focusing on the seven deadly sins in contemporary modern young adult life. However that description can be somewhat misleading as can the title of the actual book. The Intern really centers around the social life of it’s seventeen-year-old protagonist Suzie Quinn or “Suzie Q” during a period when she is doing an internship away from home for her well-known school Nova Academy. During her two week museum internship Suzie is free to live and explore a new city while living at the Bliss Hotel.  While we do actually learn some things about the internship, most of the central plot focuses on what happens out of work hours when Suzy has time to pursue her own interests such as dance classes and becoming part of a new Fitness Dance DVD. The “lust” element comes in when Suzie meets Jo-Zee, hot dance instructor and DVD creator. Needless to say she finds herself completely head over heels. It all starts with one dance class but it doesn’t stop there.

Suzie is an interesting character as is her sidekick intern and close friend Chester, however in some ways the book is kind of spotty with consistency, pop culture references, fashion..etc. It took awhile to really get into the setting since it came off British at times but American at others. The characters also seemed to sometimes be modern and other times somewhat dated. However I think most of that was explained away once I researched the author Jess C. Scott and learned she grew up in Singapore and now resides in Maine. I just don’t know if it will translate well to a modern American teenage audience. I don’t know how much they will have in common pop culture wise. However there are some simple things that made the book very translatable.

I really liked Suzie as a character because she was understandable and attainable in some very important ways…she’s the good girl, intelligent, not the prettiest or the most popular. She’s pretty average but has secret interests you would never expect like hip-hop dancing and natural dance talent. Dancers might especially enjoy this book since it focuses quite a bit on different dance techniques and styles in detail. Non-dancers may start skimming through some of those sections though at times since they can become very detailed. Suzie also has a crush, one that seems far from possible. She “lusts” after a boy, a boy her instincts say may not be all good. What girl cannot relate to that? She’s also pretty funny and her humor always shines through as she moves along through the book. She’s not above laughing at herself and that’s a great quality in any character in my opinion especially in the young adult genre.

The book is slow to start but builds along and is definitely worth read for the ending if nothing more. The twist is great. It will be interesting to read the next book in the series and see if the twists continue….I also really like the cover which was done by the author as well.

Book #2 in the series is said to focus on “gluttony” and have a male model as a possible  protagonist.


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