The Perfect Reading Chair

I need a change…a new special place to read. My bed, the couch…they all just don’t feel quite right lately. My hunt for the perfect reading chair continues…but I think I may have found a possible winner. You may have seen a lot of bloggers promoting CSN stores lately and it’s because they seem to have just about everything from coffee tables to bookshelves or even possibly the perfect reading chair. I simply love these bean bag chairs.  I love how comfy and versatile they look but I also love the variety of fabrics that are available. I myself am leaning towards the Marie Antoniette print…but I also love the Houndstooth and the Paris print and the polka dots.  There are just so many to choose from so which do you like?



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5 responses to “The Perfect Reading Chair

  1. The black and white paisley, definitely.

  2. The top-left was my first choice for you, which is the Marie Antoinette, I think. But it depends a bit on what the rest of your room looks like.

    Anyway, great chairs, I think they’re probably very comfortable!

  3. I like the Marie Antoinette, I think, the one on the top left. The others seem like they would be difficult to keep clean.

  4. Top left, I love it! Might have to get me one 😉

  5. I love Marie Antoinette, but it does depend on your room. I really do want God Save the Queen for me–but that doesn’t help with your choice…

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