Review: Jump by Ginger Rue Almost everyone can relate to be being bullied in school at some point.  Many are bullies and many more are bullied.  At Story High the bully is Brinkley Harper. That’s right, gorgeous, blonde cheerleader Brinkley Harper is a bully. Popular, fashionable and the ultimate “it” girl, she strikes fear into the hearts of almost every girl and has left a trail of despair in her wake as she makes her way toward graduation.  However her path of destruction has led her to therapy where she must work through her issues and her treatment of certain fellow high school classmates or else face expulsion.  In Brinkley’s world anything less than perfect is not acceptable. However her therapy turns out to be a little more than she bargained for.

In Ginger Rue’s latest young adult novel the subject of girl on girl bullying takes center stage with an unusual twist. What if the bully literally became the bullied?  You see when Brinkley Harper begins to learn about what impact she has made in the lives of those she wrecked, she learns it first hand when she wakes up in their bodies. She learns how it felt to be treated like Miranda who hangs with the Goth crowd, an overweight Carly trying desperately to lose weight, the overly nice Emma, the shy Korean exchange student or even the once highly popular Ivy. She begins to see just what the people around her are really like, through their eyes. She also begins to see her life and herself for who she really is. Will Brinkley truly like what is reflected back to her? Will it even matter to someone as selfish and conceited as she?

While Brinkley is the perfect villain she is also just enough of a sympathetic character to keep readers engaged and involved with her story and the story of those in her life. Jump comes across as a done idea fresh from a writer with a keen eye for characterization and the high school scene.  Brinkley’s “jumps” make the story hard to put down and extremely intriguing to the teen reader. Almost anyone can find a character to which they can relate within the cast at Story High. High school when written by Rue is spot on.

While Jump may be a little too quickly wrapped up in the end, the book still holds valuable truths about high school bullying among teen girls. It’s a great fictional addition to literature on this often untouched upon topic. The book is a well-written work that will attract teens with trend and popular culture but also possibly make a difference in the end.

While Jump is an entertaining read, it also addresses a very serious epidemic in today’s teens. Girl on girl bullying is a very serious issue and prevalent in today’s high schools. For more information see the links below. Whether you are a girl being bullied or a concerned parent there are resources out there to help you. You are never alone.

Stop Girl Bullying

Parenting Perspectives: Girls Bullying Girls

Parental Book Recommendation:



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4 responses to “Review: Jump by Ginger Rue

  1. That does sound like a very relevant book. When my son was in high school, bullying was a much bigger issue with the girls than it was with the boys.

    • stilettostorytime

      I think to a degree that is still the case…girls can be vicious on a totally different level than boys…and it seems to only be getting worse. I really think this book is a great addition to YA literature that will appeal to teens and yet address this important issue at the same time. I personally enjoyed it as an adult as well…very well thought out and plotted.


  2. I’ve got this coming for our YA collection! I can’t wait to read it–sounds very relevant.

    • stilettostorytime


      It is absolutely a great addition to any YA collection and very relevant for today’s girls….it’s also very easy to sell…the book will keep girls interested with the pop culture references and story line but the message is still strong and important. An absolute must read and great reader’s advisory recommendation. It would also be a great book to book talk to teen girls!


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