The Big Decision: A New Bookshelf from CSN Stores’s back..the big decision. I am once again drowning in books. They are in every nook and cranny of my office…some quite organized and others well not so much as I would like. So what to do? I have gone through them and most I do not want to part with. There is hopes of my getting a new office soon so I am holding out that there will simply be more space for them there. I have also designated some for giveaways…however there is still a large number. What do you do when your relationship with a book goes far beyond just paper…when I connect with a book, I want to keep it. My house makes this quite clear with one glance. (Movers hate me by the way.) So what to do with all my books?

Perhaps I want to keep them for memories or that “moment” of reading in time. I know I am not the only one out there like this. I knew many people in Library School with me that felt the same (perhaps why we all ended up in Library School in the first place).I just love books…the way they look, feel, smell…everything.

As for the new office…I am hoping it will soon be a reality. I want it to be lavender and white for some reason and am excited about covering a Victorian lounge massage chair that was once my grandfather’s with a nice print. Also I want a new desk in white and built in white shelving. New table lamps, chair…well I guess I want it all. I will keep you posted. Somehow this new want of space stems from my new found writing career. I feel I need my own creative space to work…away from baby, husband and said husband’s millions of running awards and financial textbooks. I need a clean space…for just me and my thousands of books! Ah…well as for the big decision…I guess I will just buy more bookshelves for the time being! CSN Stores has a great selection and there are few I have my eye on….I will let you know which one I chose and how I like it but here are some of my options….Scio Bookshelf or French Country Ladder Bookshelf. These would be for the living room since the current office is bookshelfed out!

But what do you do? Do you keep, hoard and hold on to your precious books, are you a tosser, or do you have some other secret habit when there just doesn’t seem to be room for one more lovely book?

In the meantime see my real writing space tomorrow (rather than my dream one pictured above) when I am a guest on Cathy’s Kittling: Books. Thanks again Cathy for the honor of being a part of…



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3 responses to “The Big Decision: A New Bookshelf from CSN Stores

  1. Next year, for the first time ever, I’m going to have a job that gives me an office. Granted, I will be sharing said office, but it will be partially MY space: to work, to blog, to create, to read, whatever I want. And I love that idea. And while I know it will be small and since it is a dorm, my decorating options will be limited, I’m so excited. I feel like creating your space into something that allows you to work and focus is so important.

    And it is for that reason that I love to keep books. I love buying books and having them all around me all the time. But I also love getting rid of books to make room for new ones. The majority of my current book collection is books that I have yet to read. This infuriates my boyfriend who doesn’t understand why I need to keep buying books when I already have shelves full of unread books. But it is about comfort. About having something that I love dearly close by. It’s also about the promise of knowing that any time I need a new read, it will be there waiting for me.

    If you have the time, I’d love for you to stop by my blog and check out a similar post I wrote about this topic just last night.

    • stilettostorytime

      Thanks Jennifer! For me it is so much about comfort and being surrounded by what I love as well! Love your blog by the way!

  2. Last time I was in Portland, OR I sold a box of books to Powells. (I promise, no ARCS, they wont take them anyway). I have another box for the next time.

    My hope was to clear off some room for some new books but I still have more books than I have self space for. I am also looking at getting yet another bookshelf.

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