Review: Think of a Number by John Verdon In a psychological thriller that will hook just about any reader, John Verdon has announced his arrival as an author with his debut book Think of a Number. An astoundingly addictive work filled with real life characters that jump off the page into a daring and skillful plot, which will leave you stumped and hungry for more from the very first page.

Dave Gurney was one of the most celebrated detectives in the history of the NYPD.  He worked some of the most infamous cases of past decades including those of two notorious serial killers. Now Gurney is retired to the New York countryside, spending his days on his unique art and trying to repair a marriage that has fallen apart after a devastating tragedy from years ago.  Fighting his own demons, retirement has not been what he would have once thought. It will soon become something he could never imagine.

A visit from a former college acquaintance soon sends him back to the intense detective work he once excelled at.  This one time friend claims to be receiving threatening and yet very poetic messages from a mysterious source. Messages that seem to say he is in serious danger. Scariest of all is the fact that the sender seems to be able to read his mind.  To know exactly what he is thinking. As the clues continue to mount and chaos ensues, Verdon thrills his reader with a pitch perfect combination of psychological thriller and crime novel.

Think of a Number excels in it’s interweaving of wonderful characterization and psychological insight. Verdon plays with words and thoughts making connections that will enthrall and excite.  He has created a book for all readers, not just those of the thriller genre. However fans of thriller novels now have a new star to look forward to following in their reading.

See if your number can be guessed?



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3 responses to “Review: Think of a Number by John Verdon

  1. Sounds totally creepy, but in a fun sort of way, if that makes sense.

  2. marina

    Fantastic book – read it in a few days. Could not put it down

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