It’s Bloggiesta Time

Bloggiesta: Pedro It’s that time again! I like to think of it as “spring cleaning” for your blog but Maw Books officially calls it Bloggiesta. I have quite a few to-do lists I have been meaning to get to for Stiletto Storytime. Now that I am writing and on deadlines for my work on my novel I seem to be falling behind in getting my reviews up. Other tasks I need to catch up on have a lot to do with linking and catching up on reading and organizing in general. Lately I have gotten behind on reviews and would like to get a few weeks ahead and also have some extra posts to use when I don’t feel like blogging or can’t for some reason.That was a great little tidbit of information I took from Book Blogger Con 2010. To have a few extra posts saved for when you just don’t have your writing hat or sombrero on! Whatever you need to get done…why not join us this weekend and we’ll do it together! Also check out the mini-challenges…and of course there will be prizes. I will be updating as I can so check back and let me know what you think of any changes you might notice. Also I would love to know what you’re doing on your blog for this event. Good luck everyone! And don’t forget PEDRO (Plan.  Edit.  Develop.  Review.  Organize.).

My Goals for Bloggiesta

1.) Link all read books to their respective reviews

2.) Finish two books currently being read and write reviews for them

3.) Write one original blog post that can be saved for later use

4.) Remove any old information, challenges, buttons…etc.

5.) Make a list of the remaining books I will need to finish the A-Z Challenge

6.) Make a commitment to Guest Blog for another Blogger that is new to me in the near future

7.) Begin creative process for my first ever “reading challenge” for the summer

That’s a Wrap! (insert burrito joke here)

Hours Total: 16

Wow, what a great event. I was able to complete all my goals while also exploring some creative ideas I had been playing around with as well. Bloggiesta came at a perfect time when I was able to really spend some time on my blog. Congrats to everyone who participated and thanks to Maw Books for hosting! I cannot wait until next time…I am going to keep a running list to help me remember things I want to get done around here. Some of the highlights for this event were getting my very first reading challenge more developed for this summer and I also met  “Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic” from Germany for whom I am going to guest blog in September. It was nice to meet someone new and be able to be creative instead of always on a deadline! This weekend was a nice break….thanks again to everyone for their cheers and well wishes! I am now home in the comfort of my own bed (broke out of the hospital) and recovering nicely…even getting some reading done!

Mini-Challenges Completed

  • Sarah at Puss Reboots (@pussreboots) – What is RSS and how to make it so your feed is easily discoverable.
  • Pam from MotherReader (@MotherReader) – Be brave in your writing and push the limits of what your comfortable with.
  • Kristen from Bookworming in the 21st Century (@bookgoil)-  Introducing a new blogger mentoring program and forum.
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    10 responses to “It’s Bloggiesta Time

    1. Didn’t you just have surgery? You should be resting and not worry about your blog!

    2. stilettostorytime

      Yes..but see this is perfect because I can do it from the hospital bed! =)

    3. winstonsdad

      hope you get it all done in time ,and have a speedy recovery ,all the best stu

    4. Good luck with your goals!!

    5. From the hospital bed!
      good for you – you can’t beat strong women.
      Take care and hope your doing well – love the shoes!

    6. What a trooper you are. I hope you are recovering nicely and good luck with your list. I need to write a post to save for a rainy day, but I see to be incapable of doing that. As soon as I finish a post I can’t wait to hit publish.

    7. Good luck on your goals 🙂 …hope your having a great bloggiesta weekend.


    8. kay

      This looks like a good list – and it also looks as if you’re doing good so far. I’m even more impressed that you’re doing this from your hospital bed!

    9. Good luck on completing your goals!

    10. I hope you recover from your surgery soon. It seems like a long list of things to do for bloggiesta. I’m not halfway where you are at the moment.

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