Review: The Passage by Justin Cronin The Passage is an adventure spanning decades, genres and voices. It is a journey of characters and their beliefs paired with questions of morality and the fate of the future world. It’s also good to use as a doorstop or a weapon of defense in case of emergency considering its staggering size at nearly 800 pages. In short it’s not “light” reading in any sense of the word but worth reading nonetheless. A long walk worth taking even though you have no idea of the path ahead or the twists and turns it may take.

The first in a trilogy The Passage hovers somewhere between dystopian science fiction and contemporary masterpiece. It is a book comprised of many books, characters and settings. The story of Amy, the girl who does not die and yet is a part of a force that is death itself is the center of Cronin’s tale. This force decimating what we know of the modern world is one we have known of in many forms. Vampire, zombie, drac, smoke…no matter the name, we have listened to the tales throughout history and yet now it is made new. Cronin not only makes the story breath new life but also even makes it somewhat believable. However the child Amy is the center of all and what truly makes the pages turn as the reader searches for her and her fate in the lives of others.  She is a beacon not only for the characters but for the reader as well.

The Many are what make up this book. The stories of each character, their lives, their fears, their hopes, even memories and the ties that bind are what make this book worth its weight. Cronin weaves together stories as he creates a web of prose that at times is breathtaking in its simplicity and other times so complex in its technical aspects, the reader may wonder if it could possibly still be the same book. Any yet it is and Amy remains a fixture to lead readers through.

To say Justin Cronin has written a blockbuster would be true, to say he has written some utterly beautiful lines would be true as well but that they are in the same book is what might come as a surprise. The Passage has a quality that I have never seen before, it is such a mixture of literary parts and yet it works and flows perfectly.  The Passage is a book to get lost in and find yourself still in the same position many hours later still wanting more. And since it is a trilogy, we hope more is sure to come.



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7 responses to “Review: The Passage by Justin Cronin

  1. I only know of one review that was kind of meh, so I am really thinking that I might try to read a bit of this one to see if it grabs me.

  2. I have a feeling this is going to be another big book that I will be late in reading. All of the reviews for it make it sound wonderful.

  3. Great review!

    I’ll have to go give this a go once i work up the courage to tackle Bolano’s 2666

  4. I’ve been seeing this everywhere, and of course I’ve been intrigued. I need me some literary paranormal–I think there’s been a dearth of that. But please know your review has me twisting in my seat, waiting for this book to come to our bookshelves now. I was curious, yes, but your review made me want to read it. Thank you! My TBR Mountain is thanking you too, albeit malevolently, haha.

  5. kay

    You said “To say Justin Cronin has written a blockbuster would be true, to say he has written some utterly beautiful lines would be true as well but that they are in the same book is what might come as a surprise.”

    Wow! To read this makes me even more eager to read my copy of the book. I’ve almost seen only positive comments so far. Sounds like a must read!

  6. It sounds good and it sounds like there are vampires in this book (which doesn’t sound good!). I need to pick this up and have a look at before I can decide whether I want to read it. Thanks for the review.

  7. Personally, I enjoyed The Passage, but feel it’s a tad overrated. I guess that comes with the territory, no? I wouldn’t describe my review as “meh”, though. It eschews positive.

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