The 48 Hour Book Challenge It’s finally here…the 48 Hour Book Challenge sponsored by MotherReader. I am very excited and ready to get started. I will be going from 7:00pm tonight until Sunday at 7:00pm. We will be traveling to the beach on Sunday so some reading will be done while driving (not me personally…I will be the passenger). I hope to keep track of my progress on this post so check back if you want to see where I am at. I have some great reading lined up and some reviews that need to be written so away I go. We will also be tweeting at #48hbc throughout the challenge so make sure you join in. This year I finally have a remotely free weekend so I am excited to see how much I can get done…usually I have a wedding or something crazy that takes most of a day! Here is what I plan on reading….

This is just what I have planned to peruse…we will see what I can accomplish. I encourage everyone to sign up for the challenge even if you can only do so for a few hours…it’s a great way to spend some time reading over the weekend with lots of other people who love books! If you are doing the challenge, what are you reading? I love to know what other people are reading…it’s a librarian thing! And if we are reading anything similar maybe we can chat on Twitter. Good Luck To Everyone And Happy Reading!!!

Update Number #1:

Hours Read: 5 (7:00pm-12:00pm on 6-4-10)

Blogging/Networking: 1

Pages: 256

Well I am reading along but enthralled by The Passage so I have to admit I have not been reading as fast as usual. I am savoring every page of the 766…plan to finish mid-day if I can and move on to the next book. I did take about a seven hour night of rest but my “reading buddy” had me up at six ready to go again! So off for hopefully a full day of reading! Enjoy everyone!

Update #2:

Hours Read 4 (7:00am-11:00am on 6-5-10)

Hours Read: 3.75 (12:25pm-4:00pm on 6-5-10)

Blogging/Networking: 1.5

Total Thus Far: 12.75 of 28.5

Okay confession…I took a very very long nap today but only because I felt a migraine coming on from reading The Passage for so long in one sitting…at this point I have read while ….laying in bed, sitting on couch, laying out by the pool, playing with William in pool, taking bubble bath, eating my meals, watching a thunderstorm and eating my yummy snacks. If I could only figure out how to sleep and read at the same time, life would be bliss. Sleep is the only thing that has cut down my hours big time. I did seven hours last night and my nap today! Boo! Tonight’s goal is to finish this book and to write my review then move on to something else. I have been dabbling in the essays of A Truth Universally Acknowledged: 33 Great Writers on Why We Read Jane Austen Edited by Susannah Carson to switch things up but I am really reading to read something fun!

Read-A-Thon Necessities

The 48 Hour Reading Challenge Wrap-Up 2010
Hours Read (9:30pm-2:30am) 5
Hours Read (9:00am-10:00am) 1
Hours Read (10:00am-10:30am) Bible in Church .5  
Hours Read (1:30pm-3:30pm) Driving to Beach 2
Total: 8.5 plus 12.75= 21.25  Hours
Total Pages Read: 817 pages
  Well that’s it for this year’s 48 Hour Book Challenge! I had made a goal of 20 hours for myself and am very happy to have made it. We also had a family trip to the beach planned so that was also a time crunch and I did sleep. I did finish The Passage by Justin Cronin. And I also dabbled in my other books. All in all a great challenge! I just wish I had done these challenges when I was younger and did not have a family…”I could have been a contender”! But as a Mommy, I think 21.25  is pretty good. Thanks to MotherReader for sponsoring and to all the participants!


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13 responses to “The 48 Hour Book Challenge

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  2. Awww, such a cute reading buddy. That Jane Austen book sounds great, too.

  3. Such a cute buddy! I hope you have a great week reading.

  4. I have reading snacks, too! But (alas!) no reading buddy… unless you count my cats, but they’re kind of aloof…

    I’m trying not to plan out my reading too much in advance – I do better what I have choices. I’m in the middle of SCUMBLE by Ingrid Law right now and I’m really enjoying it!

    Happy reading!

  5. Great snacks & lovely reading buddy. I’m reading Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, and it’s going VERY slowly (86 pages in 3 hours).

    Keep going & happy reading!!!

    • stilettostorytime

      I adored Cloud Atlas but it is a slow read…I just loved how it all fit together…it was not my usual type of book but I really enjoyed it…hope you do to! Happy Reading!


  6. You’re reading buddy is adorable! Also, your snacks look very tasty. I would like some please. =)

    AAAAnnd…thank you for helping me get closer to one of my 48hbc goals! I wanted to find 3-4 new blogs to start reading and I just became a follower so yay! Happy reading!

  7. Wish I could reach through the computer to grab those M&M’s. And fluff that baby hair too! Read on!

  8. You’re welcome! Thanks for playing!

  9. I hit the starbuck fraps too…lol congrats on doing the challenge

  10. Well done for finishing the challenge and reaching your goal! 21.25 is very good. Did you add 1 hour per 5 for the blogging/social media yet?

    I made 16 and a bit hours (with social media time included). Phew! That’s done!

  11. Congratulations on finishing the 48 Hour Book Challenge!

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