Author Guest Post: Joelle Anthony Today at Stiletto Storytime we celebrate Joelle Anthony and her debut book Restoring Harmony which comes out May 13th. Joelle is such a talented writer. You simply must visit her site and not only learn more about her book but also listen to the amazing music created for it, view her book trailer and meet the “real” Molly McClure. Not only a wonderful writer… Joelle is also a very generous, kind and funny person. Getting to know her over the last few months has been a pleasure and it’s an honor for Stiletto Storytime to be a stop on her blog tour! And I have to say Joelle has sent me one of the best shoe pictures I have ever received from an Author or Guest here on Stiletto Storytime. It probably helps that her husband is a photographer but all the same WOW! Welcome Joelle!

Joelle Anthony

“Given the name of the blog, I thought it would be most appropriate to write about shoes. My main character, Molly lives in a future world after economic collapse and a thing we might take for granted, like twelve (or fifty) pairs of shoes in our closet is not something she can even imagine. And yet, shoes do figure prominently in Restoring Harmony.

The only problem with talking about Molly and her shoe issues is that it basically gives away a whole lot of plot points, and you wouldn’t really want me to do that, would you? I didn’t think so. Instead, I’ll tell you about my shoes.

Back in the old days, when I lived in the city, shoes were the most important part of my wardrobe. I never had a lot of money for clothes, but I became an expert bargain shopper for shoes. You see, I took the bus home from work and would get off a half mile from my house to collect my writing rejections from the post office box, walk a few blocks through the city streets (heels clicking on the pavement), buy a pastry to make me feel better about yet another editor turning me down, and then, since it really was shorter to cut through the mall than walk around it, I would head into Ross or Marshalls and hit the shoe aisle.

I have big feet (size 10) and while the selection at my favourite discount stores was often slim, if you stop by often enough, you’re bound to hit pay-dirt eventually. I have a love of heels and I had a pretty good collection back in the day. Stilettos weren’t really appropriate for office wear in the nineties, but big chunky heels that pushed me over the six foot mark were my favourite. I could walk the city streets in them like a New Yorker, even though I was an Oregonion hippie at heart and lived in Portland.

My best steal deal though was the time I really needed a pair of tight, black, high heeled boots to finish off an outfit – an outfit I was supposed to wear to a party in twenty minutes. I hightailed it over to the mall, walked up to the shoe section…and there they were! For a mere $19.99! The saddest part of that tale is when I moved to Tennessee, my luggage was overweight and I ended up pulling them out and leaving them in the breezeway at the Portland airport. Hopefully, someone with big feet scored that day!

Today, I pretty much have given in to comfort and circumstances. Because I write at a treadmill desk (yes, I have a desk built over my treadmill and I walk and write at the same time), I’m forced to wear really, really ugly but very functional and comfortable tennis shoes. And because I live in the woods, I pretty much wear hiking boots outside the house. Still, when I dream, it’s of red stilettos.

And while I won’t spoil the shoe elements of Restoring Harmony here, I will leave you with this actual line from the book.

She wore a dark suit jacket with a slim skirt and the highest stiletto heels I’d ever seen in person.”

-Joelle Anthony



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6 responses to “Author Guest Post: Joelle Anthony

  1. Your book is making the rounds with my gifted class and they’re digging it.
    I’ll start working on funding a class set for next year. Thanks Joelle!

    Greg Gutierrez
    Zen and the Art of Surfing

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  3. Andrea I

    I loved your shoe story and will check out your site and books later today. I’m currently at work.

  4. Kim

    Shoes! I love them! I’m currently looking for a pair of cool, red ballet flats to wear with jeans…

    Your sentence from your novel is tantalizing, Joelle!

  5. Thanks for having me! If you end up fixing the picture, let me know and I’ll post an update on my site (the stiletto pic doesn’t show up).

    • stilettostorytime

      Hmmm…not sure it shows up for me…I will check and see if others can see it as well! Thanks for guest posting Joelle…it was super! Good luck this week! Remember everyone May 13th… Get your copy of Restoring Harmony!

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