Review: Restoring Harmony

A girl, her fiddle and a quest to save her family at what might be the end of the world in 2041, what more could one ask for in a book? Well love but you know what in Joelle Anthony’s new dystopian work Restoring Harmony; she’s got that too.

Sixteen-year-old Molly McClure has been safe and secure for most of her life on a remote island in Canada used for farming. She has never been hungry despite the destruction of many of the world’s biggest cities and the widespread flood of disease, looting and famine.  Everything in her life has been calm and orderly including her musical training on her beloved fiddle, Jewels.  She lives a quiet life with her parents and siblings, a life almost of the past.

Unfortunately when contact ceases between her grandparents and her family it falls on Molly to travel illegally outside of the country to search for them in the now devastated United States.  It is a United States after the Collapse ruled by crime and The Organization who behave much like the monsters of the past.  Around every corner is danger and devastation. One wrong step could be Molly’s last.

Finally finding her grandparents starving in Portland without the means to return to Canada, the fiesty teen must do the impossible to survive and lead her family back together again. As she searches for the answers to the questions she seeks, she begins to trust her new acquaintance Spill who seems to be able to make anything happen. But is he simply too good to be true? Even more importantly can he help Molly do the impossible or will she have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to get her family back together safely?

An interesting dystopian novel focusing on familial relationships and a teenager with a heart of gold, Restoring Harmony is very different from what you might expect when you hear the word “dystopian” but as it turns out, this reviewer thinks that’s a good thing.  Exploring the emotions of family, an individual’s connection to a passion such as music and the love of life is simply not done enough in this genre. Restoring Harmony intertwines them all along with a nice dose of the future, advanced technology and dangerous adventure.

Restoring Harmony is available for pre-order and will debut on May 13th.

Joelle is also one of the 2010 Debs so you can also check her out on The Debutante Ball Blog but even better tomorrow we will have Joelle as our Stiletto Sotrytime Special Guest Author as she continues on her Restoring Harmony Blog Tour!


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5 responses to “Review: Restoring Harmony

  1. I loved this book! I lent to a 9th grade student and she tore through it too, loving it. Restoring Harmony is a story for our times. In life, we know who are friends are when they put their lives at stake for us. That is the true test of friendship and Restoring Harmony takes us on a ride that leaves us both satisfied and hungry for more.

    Greg Gutierrez
    Zen and the Art of Surfing.

  2. I love distopias and this sounds great. I need something while I wait for ‘The Mockingjay’!

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  4. Meg

    After tearing through books like Life As We Knew It and The Hunger Games, I’m eager to read more dystopian fiction… this might be just the trick. Sounds really good/suspenseful!

  5. I’m definitely interested in picking this one up and your review only helped. It sounds intriguing. Thank you so much!

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