Review: Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever

Molly Harper has returned with her third installment of the Nice Girls series with Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever. Once again she has managed to delight fans with a fast paced plot and a heroine with never ending sarcastic humor and a bit of spunk for every occasion. In this installment former children’s librarian turned vampire bookseller, Jane Jameson is once again trying not to be killed which can be tricky when you are already a member of the undead. After what she believes to be a break up with her irresistible sire Gabriel, Jane is looking for time to heal from her broken heart, surrounded by her closest friends who just happen to be a pregnant werewolf, shady 150 year old vampire and her dead Aunt Jettie.  Jane sets her goals for her new life and tries her hardest to keep going through each night as is if her heart was not broken into a million tiny non-beating pieces.  Dreams of Gabriel and the sinister presence of another haunt her. Liquor, girly movie marathons and the occasional bar fight help with the pain but many questions remain unanswered.  Are she and Gabriel over forever? Will she ever find a man with whom she can truly share the rest of her immortal life? And who is trying to kill her once again?

Secretive communications from the woman whom she believes to be Gabriel’s lover soon fill in the gaps and Jane realizes that her non-life might once again be in real danger. Who would think the undead would always have to fear being dead? Added in is her dreaded high school reunion at which she is to be part of the “in memory” wall, the upcoming arrival of her best friend’s werewolf babies and a jaunt into the pink world of the Half Moon Holllow Chamber of “Courtney” Commerce. With a wonderful cast of characters and a winning heroine, Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever is not to be missed much like it’s predecessors. It’s a guilty pleasure that will have you wrapped up and unable to walk away from the undead life of Jane Jameson. Charming, spastic and a somewhat needed dose of southern magic, Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever is one to be read and enjoyed with a nice glass of sweet tea or a bottle of O negative…your choice.

Why I Think Molly Harper is Secretly Spying On Me

Now that I have finished my review I can share with you my thoughts on why I think Molly Harper is secretly spying on me. After you read the books you will understand but below I will list my reasons for you to come back to at a later time. Perhaps my life would make a good book if only I were a vampire…but the similarities are fun! Thanks Molly for dreaming parts of my life up for your book even though you didn’t know it!

1.) I am originally from Russellville, Kentucky which means I say Luh-vul.  Because that’s just how you say it.Both my parents attended Western Kentucky University.

2.) My Name is Courtney but I am NOT blond…however I do think of myself as rather shiny and preppy.

3.) I am a Children’s Librarian.

4.) I am a devoted Janeite and believe Colin Firth is the true Mr. Darcy also I am a member of the Jane Austen Society of North America.

(Molly Harper has responded and assured me she has taken down the surveillance cameras…also I am awaiting a sneak peek at her next work! I will be happy to share with you all as soon as I can!)



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4 responses to “Review: Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever

  1. She’s definitely spying on you. 😉

  2. stilettostorytime

    Actually got an e-mail from Molly…she promises to take down surveillance cameras! It is really funny there are so many coincidences..I love it!

  3. Yeah, that’s kind of freaky, haha.

    With this third installment, I kept wondering “What about Gabriel?” Granted, it’s not a romance, in the conventional sense of the word–Molly Harper’s books are about Jane, our fantastic and funny heroine–but I really wanted more Gabriel, haha. It didn’t help that I’d read the three books one after the other. 🙂

    These were great reads, so so funny. 🙂

    PS – Maybe these stilettos are symbols for fangs? Okay, haha, now I’m overreading it, :p

  4. kay

    Haha! I’m sure she IS spying on you : she has to take her inspiration somewhere, right?

    I read this book and loved it even a little more than its predecessors. It’s without a doubt one of my favorite series in the paranormal genre!

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