South Carolina Book Festival: Day 2


Well, today was my second day at the South Carolina Book Festival and it was filled with meeting interesting and new authors, publishers and artists from all over the United States. Above is the official art for the festival titled The Reader by Claire Farrell. I simply loved it and was happy to see it in person today and meet the artist herself. I attended a few interesting panels including one on “Writing for Young Adults” featuring writers Janice Hardy, Linda Beatrice Brown and Gigi Amateau. I also walked the Expo Hall and enjoyed networking and meeting many new authors…some of my favorites were authors Faith Hunter, Fran Rizer and Linda Beatrice Brown. Interesting Publishers that peaked my interests were: Pink Angel Press, Usborne Books, Brilliant Learning and Bellman Bear Books. I look forward to possibly reading and reviewing for some of these individuals and publishers in the future. Conventions and festivals like this are always so illuminating in that you get to meet so many in person you might not have otherwise known about. I was also blessed to meet some other local Book Bloggers (there are very few of us in this area) and hope to work with them in the future as well.  I will also soon be publishing reviews for many of the generous authors who gave me there books for review today!  I know the cost of a book given rather than sold and I thank them very much and promise to post my reviews in the near future. All in all another great day in SC! Tomorrow I am interested in two panels and also possibly roaming the Expo again but I will wait….Mommy may be needed. Taking a break and heading to the festival for the day was wonderful but tomorrow Daddy might need his break! I would take William along but I wonder at his interest in “Science Fiction & Fantasy: What’s the difference”….one may be a little young for that…better wait for next year!


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  1. Hello Story time Stilletto, I found you, from Cathy, at Bermuda Onion. She had
    told me that you have been to the SC Literary Book Festival. I did read your posts about the book festival. Do you think it worth going as a book. I blog on Literary fiction rather than Children’s fiction. Do you think it is worth my time? Ilive two hours away(Myrtle Beach)? You posted about connecting to other book bloggers? I was wondering if you did? It would be so nice to find other book bloggers n the south. If you did can you point me in the right direction? It was nice connecting with another southern blogger.

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