I Heart “My Heart Is Like a Zoo”

One of the biggest changes in my transition from Children’s Librarian to Mommy of Sir William as we often call him,  is the differences in what “storytime” now means. Before it was once a creative exploration of ways to enlighten and excite young minds about reading with books, music and crafts….now it’s often reading the same book for the 165th time in a row while trying to keep an adorable but squirming one year old on my lap. Despite it all I love both, and the time with my son is priceless even the screaming parts or when occasionally I hear the ripping of pages in the other room (Oh the Horror!!!). Don’t worry so far this has not happened to a library book thank goodness. My poor librarian heart might stop!

On a recent trip to the library before our scheduled Lapsit time, I scanned the shelves for something new to read to William and found a treasure. My Heart Is Like a Zoo is a wonderful new picture book by Michael Hall which incorporates animals and brightly colored decoupage type illustrations made from the shape of the heart. It is a wonderful array of color, form and feeling. It would be wonderful for programming of so many types…animals, colors, emotions, shapes…it’s all there in this adorable new picture book. So try it on your child…or your next storytime group. It is sure to be a winner and let me know how it goes. This book reminds me in many ways of Eric Carle’s classic From Head to Toe but expect more educational aspects and a longer book with higher level vocabulary. Yet still…my one year old adored it and we are still re-reading it this week….again and again and again. Alas I could not ask for more. My cup runneth over!


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