Persuasion and Tweeting: Oh My!

Masterpiece Classics: Persuasion

Just finished watching the re-showing of Persuasion by Masterpiece Classics. Also enjoyed the Tweet Party that went along with it. I must say the Tweet party idea was a superb one. Our first was for the debut of the new Emma adaptation and it went splendidly. It is so nice to be able to watch these works and chat with people of like mind and taste. I learn so much from my fellow watchers and we converse on things I may never have really considered. It has become quite addictive. Thanks to PBS and the hosts for some great Austen fun! This Persuasion is indeed not my favorite but I do enjoy it all the same. Cyrian Hinds as I have said will always have my heart as will Amanda Root in the 1995 Persuasion. However it is exciting to see new productions coming out and keeping things new. Who would have thought that one day ladies would “tweet” while watching Austen…certainly not that dear lady herself but alas technology and the greatest writer in literature (in my humble opinion) go quite well together and make a most fortunate match! What are your ideas on tonight’s events? And what do you hope to see a new adaptation of? I myself am always up for a new Tess or Jane Eyre. Any other suggestions?


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