A True Classic: North and South By Elizabeth Gaskell

Our lives can change in a moment. Those truths we hold evident one day can be drastically shattered in another. The people most important to us can be there one second and gone the next. Margaret Hale finds these truths to be evident in her nineteenth year as her world is upended by her father’s resignation from the Church of England and subsequent removal to the northern manufacturing town of Milton. Margaret cannot tell what role she shall take in her new situation as she finds herself torn emotionally. Drawn into the lives of the mill workers, she also finds herself drawn to their mysterious master John Thornton. Elizabeth Gaskell’s classic combines the fundamental issues of her time with the quests of the heart for utter brilliance. This book is one of my all time favorites, I have read it many times and watched the 2004 Mini-series with Richard Armitage so many times…well let’s just say it cannot be counted. I think this classic is often over-looked and would suggestion it to anyone with an affinity for period literature. Gaskell’s other works are also phenomenal with Wives and Daughters being my second personal favorite which also has it’s own wonderful Masterpiece Theatre adaption featuring one of my favorite actresses and favorite Tess of all time: Justine Waddell. However within these two books we see two very different writers in Gaskell. Although both focus on love ultimately, they also lay bare to many truths about life at that time that many may well have wanted to kept hidden in her period. A classic book not to be missed or even read just once but again and again.


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3 responses to “A True Classic: North and South By Elizabeth Gaskell

  1. This is another one that is on my list for 2010. It will be my first Gaskell read.

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