Sunday Stereotypes

I’m having trouble keeping up with reviewing everything I want to after I read it. Even if I take out the books that I don’t want to review it still seems quite overwhelming when there are also other things I would like to post about like how cute Richard Armitage is ( see picture of Armitage above in North and South posted solely so I could look at him for awhile when I open my blog…. longing sigh) or how I really need another marathon round of Jane Eyre adaptations or even the fact that my son now has four teeth! So I am going to sum up some of my most recent reads will nice little stereotypes, adjective, rambling blurbs….when I read them for some reason I hear my husband’s voice…maybe I am channeling him since stereotyping and not writing complete sentences about books makes me cringe but we’ll give it a go!

The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova: Smart, intellectual, artistic, learned a lot about Impressionism, involving but kind of lost me a little in the end…good read though, like it better than The Historian I think.

Lady Vernon and her Daughter by  Jane Rubino and Caitlin Rubino Bradway: Brillant, one of the best Austen inspired works I have ever read, absorbing, could not put it down…..Bravo ladies…put on mandatory Janeite “list of must reads”!

Jane Bites Back by Michael Thomas Ford: Jane Austen, Vampires, couldn’t get into it, not Jane….not her way of thinking, bearing or speech patterns even if she lived in modern world, trouble with my suspension of belief on this one, sat it down and went back a lot, also not really a woman’s voice to me which could be part of it, also Lord Byron was off to me as well. I can handle her characters in these books better but Jane just did not feel right to me.

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick:  Dark,  Gothic Teen, Angels…..but I really enjoyed it and the premise was unique.

Fallen by Lauren Kate: Dark,  Gothic Teen, Angels….wait a minute……well I enjoyed this one too….but did kind of feel like I was possibly almost reading the same book in many ways….different premise though so good as well.

Moo! Moo ! What Are You? by Begin Smart Books: This is in William’s personal opinion and is no way a review by Stiletto Storytime or endorsed by this Blog in any way…he feels we should re-read this book on a hourly to every other minute basis, Best Book of all time in his lifetime (11months)  hands down so far… petting the Kitty’s fur is extremely diverting and stimulating, just wish there was a Duck since that is the sound we are working on….other than that 5 stars!!!!



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4 responses to “Sunday Stereotypes

  1. Thanks for the great roundup of your recent reads. I would like to read The Swan Thieves, but my TBR pile is so high, it will be a while. Sorry you didn’t like Jane Bites Back. I thought it was funny. The Rubinos are great writers, glad you liked that one. Cheers, LA

  2. stilettostorytime

    Hi Laurel Ann,
    I thought Jane Bites Back was funny but something was just off for me…not sure what. I did so love Lady Vernon….hopefully we will see more from the Rubinos in the future?

  3. Congrats! You won a copy of “Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy” by Abigail Reynolds from my blog!

    I have yet to read Jane Bites Back, but I did greatly enjoyed Lady Vernon and Her Daughter, such a fun book!

    Please email me your address so your book can be on its way!


  4. Great idea! A good pic with JT/RA and lots of good reads all in one posting. And congrats on winning another delightful Austen-based novel, lucky you!

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