Review: The Foundling by Charlotte Bronte

When one thinks of fairy tales…one might not automatically think of Charlotte Bronte or even the illustrious Bronte sisters at all. However at a very young age the Bronte sisters and their brother Branwell created many worlds of their own in which imaginative characters and unbelievable places abounded. Many of these stories began with the simple imaginings of a group of toy soldiers. With villains by the name of Naughty and Pigtail….The Foundling is one such of the many stories they created. Charlotte Bronte wrote The Foundling at the tender age of seventeen. It’s setting Verdopolis and mixture of wild and mildly harmless characters creates a world similar to that in Gulliver’s Travels in my mind. Introduce a love story, a mysterious orphan with obvious royal parentage and one has a fairy tale worthy of any I have ever been honored to read. While often overlooked The Foundling is yet another testament to the imagination and talent of the Bronte sisters. Next on my list is The Green Dwarf, yet another often neglected Charlotte Bronte work. I must confess Jane Eyre remains to this day my comfort book, a book I go to numerous times a year to re-read. It makes me feel safe, comfortable and at home but Charlotte Bronte’s other books must not be overlooked.

However I cannot help but mention that I am very excited about the new production of Jane Eyre of which I have been following casting. In my mind there can never be too many although Cirian Hinds will always be my Mr. Rochester. The production in scheduled to appear in 2011 and I know will be eagerly awaited by so many of us. In the meantime it is nice to know there are stories like The Foundling hiding in my library shelves just waiting for discovery.


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2 responses to “Review: The Foundling by Charlotte Bronte

  1. I’m working on reading through many of the Bronte’s works this year. I’ll most certainly add this to my list. Thanks!

  2. Jane Eyre remains as one my most favorite novels ever, and I hadn’t known about this book. So thanks for bringing it to my attention–I’d love to read a fairy tale by Charlotte.

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