Mother Daughter Book Club: Pen Pals

I am super excited to announce that the next book in The Mother Daughter Book Club series is out! Pen Pals released on September 22nd! I am currently reading my arc copy and am a little behind because I decide to go back and re-read this book’s classic companion. One of the reason I love this series is because each book is paired with a classic through the girls reading a book club selection. It’s a wonderful way to get kids into not only new fiction but the tried and true ones as well. Pen Pals  is paired with Jean Webster’s often over looked classics Daddy Long Legs and Dear Enemy.  I am only about half way into Pen Pals but I have to say I think Heather Vogel Frederick has done it again! This series is simply wonderful and the girls are growing up and expanding into some terrific literature. A little bird clued me in to what is coming in the next installment and while I won’ t tell…..I will say you will not want to miss it! This series is a must read for girls and moms!


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