The Luxe Series: Envy

Well it seems all the Rumors and Luxury have led to Envy in the world of The Luxe. First off again they have hit a home run on another fantastic cover and breathtaking dress choice. Diana Holland is rumored to be the debutante featured on the Envy cover which would make sense since she takes a much more predominant role in this book than the first two.I am really enjoying the direction the series is taking and can’t wait for Splendor which so far has no cover but will be released October 27, 2009.

For those of you who have not entered the world of the Luxe…what are you waiting for? The Luxe is most often described as “Gossip Girl in Victorian Times” and in this last installment it did not fail to keep us reading! So go grab a copy of The Luxe and Rumors, now both in paperback!


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