The Late, Lamented Molly Marx

The Late, Lamented Molly Marx by Sally Koslow

” Molly Marx led an enviable life—until she was found dead along the bank of the Hudson River. A young wife and mother, Molly now finds herself in The Duration, where, with the help of a refreshingly unorthodox guide, she can observe the friends and family she left behind: her plastic surgeon husband who even in mourning can’t control his wandering eye, the handsome colleague she found irresistible, a fiercely competitive twin sister, her controlling mother-in-law, a loyal but confused friend, and—most important—her purest love, a three-year-old daughter. As Molly watches them try to untangle the events leading to her mysterious end, she relives her past and learns the fates of those she cherished most (and least).”

I simply loved this book! I read it in a matter of hours! Koslow has created a wonderful mixture of wit, intellect and fancifulness in The Late, Lamented Molly Marx. While her writing is very fulfilling intellectually is also seems to veer into the world of naughty fun chick lit. To me it was the perfect crossover between the two and I soaked it up like rain in a drought. A character like Molly is uniquely special not because she’s dead, which she is from the first page but because she is just enough like you to be interesting but different in enough ways to keep you guessing. I could relate to her and yet some of her behaviors in different situations as she watched her life go on without her, made me want to scream! However who knows maybe “The Duration” grants a calm and serenity, I don’t have as a reader. Either way you must read it and enjoy! I will also be picking up her first work Little Pink Slips to read soon as well!


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  1. Many, many thanks…I’m delighted that you liked The Late Lamented Molly Marx, and understood perfectly the message I was trying to send. Sally

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