What I Read On Vacation in Actuality

Packing for a vacation with me can be very overwhelming considering I generally bring a book for each day that I will be gone in addition to some stand-bys in case of literary emergency. What I take planning to read often becomes somewhat scattered and somehow I make it through. On this last beach trip I truy enjoyed two books that I had brought along. The others just were of no real interest to me. I began Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr,  but just couldn’t get into the story. It just wasn’t for me and I could not get more than half way through. So that nixed the next two volumes in that series that I had toted to Florida as well. I devoured Valley of the Dolls much like I did years ago when I first read it in college. The perfect beach read indeed! An old stand by never to be forgotten.  I also adored Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas. It was one of the best books I have read this year. I had also taken Tan Lines by J.J. Salem which seemed to be a nice naughty beach read as well. After a few pages I realized it was a little too naughty for my taste and it was put aside as well. So after hauling a load of six books on a four day trip..I came out with two that I truly enjoyed and read completely. Then I had a ten hour car ride back with no book of any interest! You just never know! Note to self …take more books!


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  1. I also enjoyed Prayers for Sale! Did you read Tallgrass by the same author? also good.

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