Okay I have a confession…I have read both of Tori Spelling’s books. Both Mommywood and sTORI Telling were books I picked up to read as soon as they came out.  I didn’t pick them up because I was a huge fan or anything. I watched 90210 but have to admit I was in elementary school in it’s heyday. I just simpy picked up the first and the I had to read the second. I think it’s her honesty. You can tell by how she writes that it is the way she thinks…no second guessng what people might think. She is just who she is and she is honest about it. I really like her writing and have enjoyed her books even though that type of thing usually would not be my first choice for a book. Being a new mom definelty drew me to Mommywood as well. I myself have often lamented that stilettos seem a little ridiculous when hauling around a baby carrier although they are almost just what you need to lengthen the leg and give you a boost emotionally! See Tori understands where I am coming from! So if your looking for a laugh or a nice beach read…give Tori a try.  Plus it is always fun to see what they will come up with for her covers!


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