It’s a Dog’s World

I just finished Dog On It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery by Spencer Quinn and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. While I knew the book had been doing wonderfully on the bestseller lists, I did not know that I would personally enjoy it. Mystery is generally not my cup of tea unless of the historical or literary type. Modern mystery….generally a no for me  and usually doesn’t even get to the point of me reading the inside cover.  But this one was different because of Chet. Chet is our narrator. He’s a partner in the Little Detective Agency and working on a dangerous missing person’s case with his private eye Bernie.  A young teenage girl is missing and things are not what they seem. Chet is mischievous, smart and often quite comical…and he’s also a dog.

In this funny and yet somewhat completely predictable mystery, Chet is the voice of the story if not always the voice of reason. I loved that about this book. Chet thought exactly the way I think my dog would think if I could listen in. The constant distractions of smell and general dog behavior lead to a hilarious read. Bernie also comes across as an extremely likeable character whom you cannot help but feel interested in especially as the poor guy flounders with women. However there is no doubt Chet is the star. You can learn more about Chet and his daily adventures at his blog if you’d like.  But in the meantime don’t miss Dog On It and keep your eye out for the next in the series.  This one definetly gets two paws up in my opinion.


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