The Real Mr. Darcy

Janeites unite! The real Mr. Darcy needs your help! Austenprose is currently running  a poll on the best Mr. Darcy which we all know to be Mr. Colin Firth. So make sure to pop over and cast your vote!

And in other Austen news…there was a survey in 2008 of Jane Austen addicts done by JASNA and the results show who we truly are. The typical stereotype was stated as thus: “typical Jane Austen fan” — female, librarian, English major, tea drinker, classical music lover, NPR listener – with cats.. However the results show that is not always the case. Myself well…I don’t generally listen to NPR and I am a dog person…but other than that guilty as charged! I must say I was pleasantly surprised to see that 33% of us are under 29 and 12% are librarians. We are also generally highly educated and well traveled. Not too shabby at all. Jane would be proud.

Also on my mind…I am patiently awaiting Barnes and Noble to deliver my newly purchased copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Indeed. What would Miss Austen say? Many of the Austen Blogs have given reviews with most summing up that with so many of the Austen inspired modern fiction…a good sense of humor is needed. The Austen purists out there…well perhaps they might want to skip this one. I would love to hear any thoughts if you have beat my to this one!


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