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Baby Boy

After what seems like forever…I am back! While I greatly regretted my time away from the site I did do some very constructive things! I am pleased to say we have a healthy, happy baby boy! While Mommyhood is great, I do miss having the time to read more and of course update this site so I have simply decided I will have to do both. Reading cannot be sacrificed. I have somewhat mastered the art of breastfeeding and holding a book at the same time so “Watch out world”!  I look forward to getting back in the groove and am very excited about my stack of waiting books.

In the meantime I spent a large part of my first days weeks home with my newborn re-reading the Twilight series. Which I greatly enjoyed even more the second time.  As for Stephen Kings recent comment about Stephenie Meyer….honestly Myers style is much more straight forward than Rowling but Stephen Kings has no room to talk. I have always thought of his writing style as very straight forward as well. If you have a good story and plot…sometimes simple storytelling is all you need. Besides the fact that their intial target audiences are vastly different. Perhaps someone is a little jealous? While I thought his comment on Jodi Picoult right on since she is one of my favorite authors, I think that it is a very dangerous act when writers try to publicly judge other writers work. Reading is a very personal thing and different for each individual. There is something for everyone and what may not appeal to one person’s taste may be the exact book for another. Simply because a book may be geared towards to interests of teen girls does not make it not worthy and I think the mass appeal that the Twilight series has shown proves just that.


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  1. librarian_erin

    What a gorgeous picture. I know he’s definitely worth missing a little reading time. But hang in there, I know you’ll be back to it in no time!

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