Chick Lit Weekend

This last weekend I indulged in some chick lit. Not new chick lit but recently published that I just had not gotten around to reading. It was nice…relaxing and in some cases naughty. My first book was Sheer Abandon by Penny Vincenzi. I came across an old review of this book and read the book jacket. I had to pick it up from there. In this book we meet three very different women who once had a chance encounter when traveling in their earlier years. We also meet a teenager who was left at the London Airport shortly after being brought into this world in a storage closet at the time of this traveling. The question is…who’s baby is it? As chick lit goes it is a little long with nearly 600 pages but I have to say I loved it and the length didn’t bother me! With each chapter I went back and forth on who I though the mother could be and even when I had figured it out…there were more surprises in store. Vincenzi really knows how to create a stage through her writing for her characters to live and interact. You miss them after the story is done. A great read especially if you enjoy British writers as well. In the end definetly worth the time or an extra long weekend!

My second choice was Still Life with Husband by Lauren Fox. I have to admit this one was a cover choice. I loved the cover concept and I really enjoyed the main character Emily Ross as I got into it. She has a great stream of thought voice with lots of amusing side notes. She is basically a middle aged woman who wakes up one day realizing her life has somewhat been living itself. (Something I think we can all realte to on some level despite our age). Suddenly everything has fallen into place…husband…who wants new house…new baby…everything we are supposed to want at that age right? And David is the man of her dreams, great sex, wonderful conversation…only David is not her husband. Kevin is. And so you see the problem. While Emily may not always make the choices I would…you can so see how she gets herself into the situations that she does. Great book definetly worth a read but the ending leaves a lot of guess work and I think the book is wide open for a sequel although so far none has materialized. Maybe in the future?


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