Living Dead Girl

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

When Living Dead Girl first arrived at our library I was in a rush unpacking the shipment…and while I made a mental note to read it…I only hastily read the inside cover and tried to get it processed. However then I realized this book was all anyone was talking about for the next few days. So I had to go about tracking a copy down for myself immediately. Read the first page and it becomes clear why. Not only does the premise draw you in (or repel you as the case may be) but the writing will not let you turn away. After reading the book in the span of a few hours…I was disgusted, fascinated and amazed. The books is intriguing, disturbing and really very, very hard to read but that it is a wonderfully written work, you cannot deny. The book was very hard to read even for myself and my only real complaint is that I think it might be better suited for an adult work. I understand why it has been placed as young adult but I would definetly want to know if my teen were reading it beforehand simply so I would be aware of the emotions and questions it would bring up. While the sexual situations are not described in detail there is more than enough said to paint the picture of what is really happening inside a reader’s head. And in this book the situations are some of the most disturbing imaginable. However I think it is a fantastic book which will continue to garner much deserved praise and attention.

Review: Fifteen year old Alice used to be a different girl. She had parents who loved her, her own room and a child’s view of the world around her. Now she is simply Alice, Ray’s Alice. Now after five years of constant physical, emotional and sexual abuse by her kidnapper, Alice is getting too old to be Alice anymore. She knows what happened when the last Alice got too old and now she waits. Waits for the end, waits to be replaced with a newer shinier little girl, waits for release. Elizabeth Scott has created a haunting, searing portrait of the true depravations a human being is capable of while also showing the depths of strength even the youngest can summon in the name of survival.


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