Rumors Has IT!

I have felt so far behind in both my reading and my reviews. Summer Reading took up most of my professional time and some health issues sapped any remaining blogging time. But alas it appears both have come to an end and I am back and ready to sound off on the latest books!.I have just finished Rumors by Anna Godbersen and I have to say I loved it! I was worried when I first got my copy because I wasn’t really in the mood for it. Whenever I feel unwell I tend to go back and read the classics that I love. It’s like eating Mom’s homemade soup…makes me feel safe and comforted. So after putting down my well worn P&P copy (Pride and Prejudice), I was hesitant to start on a new hot YA title. But all it took was a page or two and I was hooked! Godbersen has done a wonderful job of her second Luxe novel.  Unlike some authors who seem to stall once they have a hot series, Godbersen keeps things moving and keeps the reader addicted. While in the end we still look forward to the happenings in the next novel, we still find plenty to think about from the last. A wonderful addition to the series. Also now we can all look forward to Envy which will be the next in the Luxe series! However unfortunately as of yet no release date or sneak peek of the fabulous cover.  So I guess we will have to wait!



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2 responses to “Rumors Has IT!

  1. librarian_erin

    Welcome back to blogland! I know Summer Reading has slowed me down as well…
    I thought Rumors was great. I liked it better than the first – full of surpises, especially the events at the end of the book. Have you read the new Pretty Little Liars yet?

  2. Isn’t it GREAT?!?! These are my Twilight….I just can’t get enough.

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