Pregnancy Picks

When looking at books for pregnancy the choices can be overwhelming! There are the classics that we all know and have come to believe are essential. And then they are the new modern takes which appeal to the trendy mother-to-be. In my first weeks of pregnancy I took many trips to the local bookstore and stood staring at the overloaded pregnancy section. While it is a great place to start: the purchase of just a few books can leave a large dent in your wallet! My pregnancy picks are the books that I have found both helpful and worth the purchase! However don’t forget to take a pen and paper to the bookstore…write down the titles you might simply want to read once rather than your reference titles…then check for them at your local library! This also a great idea for those much needed and often pricey Baby Name books.

Reference for the Expectant Mom

The classic that everyone usually purchases or is immediately given is What to Expect When You’re Expecting and I still think it is a valuable book but I have to say I found another far more useful. Also notice how Mommy is updated on the cover with her cool jeans and tummy showing top! A little more modern for the younger hip Mommy than the shapeless muumuu and rocking chair Mom of former editions. However I would have to say my favorite has been the Mayo Clinic Guide To A Healthy Pregnancy . It has become my book of choice. Combining the week by week approach of What to Expect with a more practical glossary and index type organizational method, the book is both easy to use and medically extremely informational. For the Mom that wants to know every little thing medically I suggest the purchase of this title!

Giggles for Us Girls

Also when looking at pregnancy books look for a great title that will make you laugh. Pregnancy changes everything and you will find suddenly your body is not yours anymore! I feel like a pod…and I never know what will happen next. One of the first books my close pregnant friends recommended was Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. McCarthy’s no holds bar humor is just the right touch to make you giggle at all the crazy and sometimes disturbing things your body might do throughout your pregnancy. It is becoming a fast favorite among the young mommy set with copies circulating from friend to friend!

Don’t Forget Daddy

All the Dad’s out there will also be interested in the pregnancy books just for them. Make sure to get your partner involved by seeking out titles that will speak to them specifically. And if they are a little hesitant leave a few books lying around the house or on the nightstand. They will pick them up if only out of sheer curiousity! For a more informational approach try The Expectant Father. And to give your partner some giggles as well with the hilarious Yes, You’re Pregnant, But What About Me? by Kevin Nealon. A book your man is sure to find amusing and possibly even learn something from as well!



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  1. “The Birth Partner” was one of my favs.

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