It’s Vacation Time!

Well for me it is that wonderful time of year known as vacation! As I head off to Bermuda for the week I have made sure to pack some great reading materials…I never leave the country with less than four books…I mean what if I ran out? This trip I am taking ….

I think it’s pretty well rounded…well not really most of it is fun and naughty beach reads…but hey it is vacation. It’s funny but I always remember which books I have read on vacations. It’s as if they are stuck in my memory with that trip and therefore unforgettable and always recallable in my memory.  What have been your favorite beach or vacation reads? I know some people take the same book on vacation every year but me I like some variety.

I also recently heard of a new book coming out in July 2008 that is being called the next Valley of the Dolls.  The novel is Tan Lines: A Novel of Sex and Sunburn by J. J. Salem. Unfortunately it is a UK title so no word on whether we will be able to get it here in the US. But alas I am off…Happy Reading!


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  1. a.

    Three Girls and Their Brother wasn’t great but was entertaining.

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